North Bangalore Hospital

Location and Address

  • No.125/1, 125/2, SY No.104, 4th, G Street, Chelekere Village, Outer Ring Road, Kalyananagara, Next To Kalyananagara Bus Depo, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043.
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Hospital blue icon12 Bedded Intensive Care Units
Compare cost blue Over 75 beds.
Ambulance 2 State-of-the-art Operating Theatres

Prices & Payments

North Bangalore Hospital in collaboration with Bookmyscans provides the best Bariatric Surgery cost in Bangalore. The price of bariatric surgery conducted in cooperation with Bookmyscans at North Bangalore Hospital is discussed below. The exact price will depend on the type (if appropriate) of the implant used, the hospital stay, the physician who conducts the operation and the exact procedure. Skim through Bookmyscans to select your best package.

North Bangalore Hospital Bariatric Surgery Wards North Bangalore Hospital Bariatric Surgery Cost
ENDO Bariatric Procedure (Non Surgical Weight Losing Procedure ) Semi private Extra 20% Discount through BookMyScans
ENDO Bariatric Procedure (Non Surgical Weight Losing Procedure ) Deluxe ward Extra 20% Discount through BookMyScans
Bariatric Surgery Semi private Extra 20% Discount through BookMyScans
Bariatric Surgery Deluxe ward Extra 20% Discount through BookMyScans

Why opt for North Bangalore Hospital?

  • NBH is a hospital of the Super Specialty located in North Bangalore's Kalyan Nagar region.
  • It has a well-experienced team of experts and nurses in this hospital.
  • This hospital provides all patients throughout the town the greatest level of clinical and health knowledge
  • They make use of the latest technology and have newly introduced a lot of facilities for the benefits of their patients
  • In order to accommodate maximum therapy individuals, the building was intended and built.
  • It has different clinical care centres that are fully air-conditioned.
  • In this hospital, many prevalent and complicated medical conditions are examined, handled and operated instantly.
  • All patients receive individual and holistic treatment.

Why opt for North Bangalore Hospital for a Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric hospital North Bangalore is the most supported Bariatric Surgery hospital in the city with the best possible goal of bariatric surgery, obesity, weight loss surgery and bariatric care of all types. This hospital focuses on using minimally invasive techniques that use high-level processes to suppress pain and assist to recover quickly. These operations are similar to global measures.

As well as their finest possible facilities, an Obesity Support Group has also been launched at the North Bangalore Hospital in order to assist individuals fighting obesity and its related health problems, to assist them to learn the benefits of bariatric surgery and to present an ecosystem where individuals with a procedure can interact with others without fear.




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