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  • 842/A , 100ft. Road, Indiranagar, Opposite Dominos, Metro Pillar No 55, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
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Prices & Payments

Slimming Treatment part Unit Price (Rs.)
Weight Loss per Kg. Rs. 2,000
Weight Gain per Kg. Rs. 2,000
Super Trimmus
Tummy Rs. 2,000
Hips Rs. 2,000
Thieghs Rs. 2,000
Arms Rs. 2,000
Sides Rs. 2,000
Spot Reduction
Tummy Rs. 2,500
Hips Rs. 2,500
Thieghs Rs. 2,500
Arms Rs. 2,500
Sides Rs. 2,500
Treatment Unit Price (Rs.)
Gel Theraphy Rs. 3,000
Figure Correction Rs. 3,000
Aelo Wraps Rs. 3,500
New Mom Theraphy Rs. 3,500
Herb Theraphy Rs. 4,000
Slim Tron Theraphy Rs. 4,000
B Line Increase Rs. 2500
B Line Decrease Rs. 2,500
Body Firming Rs. 1,000
Muscle Toning Rs. 1,000
Cryolypolysis per procedure Rs. 25,000

Prices and Payments

Mentioned here are the best Bariatric Surgery cost in Bangalore given by Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio in association with Bookmyscans. The final prices might moderately vary depending upon the combination packages you will opt for. Also, the final prices will cover your doctor's fees, the implant costs, your clinical visits, and the kinds of equipment used.

Why Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio is better suited?

This is a multidisciplinary wellness clinic who focuses on the well-being and welfare of all their visiting patients. They intend to provide ultimate bliss and comfort with all their treatment procedures. Their main aim is to make you feel good and look good. They formulate adequate medical aesthetic and non-surgical treatments to meet your requirements and all the beauty needs.

Why favour Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio for Bariatric Surgery?

Sparha Advanced Aesthetic Studio provides proven medical solutions to help you achieve a perfect complexion and figure. They are identified as a trustworthy bariatric surgery centre for all your beauty needs. Clockwise from regular eye check-ups and cleansing to facilitate rigorous procedures, this beauty centre ensures professional perfection, moral practice, teamwork and employee motivation. Post-treatment care and confinement are given similar attention as that proffered to the procedures. The best thing about this hospital is that they have a qualified and prominent faculty with infrastructure suitable for the requirements.

What role does Bookmyscans play?

Provide the most sought-after deals adequately and productively. Provides a staging that meets your terms promptly, determine curative examinations, scans and techniques at economical costs. Extend EMI instalment options. Comfort to reduce waiting times in hospitals. Help you to download reports online. The customer support team is available 24 by 7.



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