Yashomati Hospital

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  • HAL Airport - Varthur Road, Marathahalli, Munne Kolala, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560037, India
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The price of Bariatric Surgery carried out by Yashomati Hospital in connection with Bookmyscans is provided below. Browse through Bookmyscans and choose your most suitable package. Book and avail from a significant price reduction which includes medical, OT, patient and room costs contrasted to the other clinics.

Surgery Process Prices
Bariatric Surgery
Endoscopic Intra Gastric Balloon Surgery Extra 10% Discount through BookMyScans
Laproscopic Gastric Banding Surgery Extra 10% Discount through BookMyScans
Laproscopic Sleeve Resection Surgery Extra 10% Discount through BookMyScans

Why is Yashomati Hospital favoured?

  • Since its establishment on 16 March 2007, the company has been active since 2010, a non-governmental organization that forms part of Bangalore Registry.
  • They play a significant role in society in terms of dental health issues. Between 2010 and 2013, they experienced enormous development and now constitute a firm basis.
  • It is one of the city's main health centres with a systemic strategy to help a large number of individuals in a sustainable way.
  • With maximum time, energy and effort, they have enabled this hospital to achieve its height. There are 25 highly skilled physicians, 35 effective advisors and 111 hard-working workers. They promise the finest equipment and operational results for all visiting patients.
  • They feature nine theatres and a digital trajectory laboratory for IVUS technology. They are fitted with cardiac CT high performance and 1.5 volume scan of Telsa MRI.
  • This hospital offers well-trained chefs with sufficient food for all patients. The best thing is that this hospital is situated in the functional and easily available area of Bangalore.

Why pick Yashomati Hospital's Bariatric Surgery?

Yashomati Hospital has received the most support in the city for the Bariatric Surgery Hospital for the bariatric procedure, obesity, weight loss and all kinds of bariatric care. This hospital uses methods that are minimally invasive and use high-level methods to stop the pain and to help recover rapidly. These activities are comparable to worldwide actions.In addition to their best equipment, an Obesity Support Group was established at Yashomati Hospital to help people fight obesity, to help people learn about their health issues, and to develop a new ecosystem in which people can interact without fear.



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