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Healthy employees are the strength of a great growing company; we ensure every employee of your company is fit and provide executive health check-up packages custom designed by expert physicians.


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We provide the best corporate health Check-up packages specially designed for the employees working for different sectors.


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Bookmyscans is associated with over 250 diagnostic centers and hospitals to help corporate conduct health check-up for their employees.


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Young adults who fall in the age group of 25 – 35 start their early employment. The population of this age group is working professionals, and stress can play a big role while affecting the well-being of these people. They usually think they are perfectly healthy and symptom free and this thinking is developed because a large number of people in this age group are actually healthy. But it is not necessary what looks healthy from outside should be healthy from inside. With the current lifestyle, stress and anxiety, most of the corporate employees are affected with new set of diseases called the chronic diseases or the lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. In such situations corporate health screening becomes very important.

Raised cholesterol levels, hypertension, obesity, poor diet and many other problems that may lead to long-term illness can be identified during corporate medical check-up and the employers may be able to offer help to overcome a nagging health problem.

We have the corporate health check-up packages designed by expert physicians that best suit every organization or company. Reach out to us today and find the best packages for your employees.

Employment phase is the most productive phase of one’s life. A person spends around half of his/her life in this phase.

We all know workplace health and safety is one of the major goals of any organization. Healthy workforce stands as a strong pillar and helps in every aspect of the organizational growth. Healthy employees are directly proportional to the workplace’s productivity. Healthy workforce has proved to reduce the absenteeism and has provided evidence that healthy workers can concentrate better and showcase higher level of productivity too.

Our corporate packages are best suited for both, the current employees and the ones joining as well. Career is a serious constitution. When companies inform the candidates about the requirement of a pre-employment or a corporate health check-up, people seeking jobs or the current employees understand that the organization is serious about the workplace safety and health. It also increases one’s career ability to a greater extent.

Did you know pre-employment corporate medical check-up is mandatory these days? It is the growing trend in the recruitment industry to request their new joiners to undergo a full health check-up. These checks along with being industry specific to find the ability of the employees to perform the required tasks, they also help the employers to provide support to the employees in terms of time management and assigning deadlines.

This pre-employment health check-up also helps the company to hire the right candidates as they invest both time and money on them.