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  • # 44/1, M.M Road Opp to Prime Care Hospital, Pulakeshinagar, Frazer Town Bangalore - 560 095
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Smiles Dental Specialities in collaboration with Bookmyscans provides the best dental implant surgery cost in Bangalore. Discounted dental implant prices are listed below. The precise cost may differ according to the operation and the doctor. Select your favourite package through Bookmyscans.

Dental Implants Prices
Type 1 (OSSTEM) Extra 10% Discount through BookMyScans
Type 2 (Nobel Biocare) Extra 10% Discount through BookMyScans

Why opt for a Dental Implant from Smiles Dental Specialities?

  • Smiles Dental Specialities is a polyclinic for dentistry in Frazer Town area in Bangalore city.
  • Doctor Prashanth is the best consultant doctor in that clinic. His excellent work tactics and behaviour towards his patients has won many hearts.
  • Smiles Dental Specialities has a welcoming attitude towards all their Indian & international patients.
  • The staff is very supportive and take utmost care of the visiting cases.
  • The doctors perform the implants with a lot of care using high-tech types of equipment which have been installed in the clinic.
  • The doctors inform and explain the patients thoroughly about what is going to be done during the implant.
  • They make the patients satisfied with little pain during the surgery.
  • Post-surgery health plan and also the do's and don’ts are well explained to all the patients.

How does Bookmyscans help?

Dental implants Surgery is an operation in which the dentist substitutes tooth roots to screws-like metal posts and replaces the damaged teeth by the fresh, artificial one. Smiles Dental Specialities in collaboration with Bookmyscans provides dental implant packages at reduced prices. Bookmyscans has 24by 7 customer assistance and they are always happy to help and serve the best. Their packages include free doctor's consultations as well.



Surgery is an important decision. Every surgery has risks associated and we understand the threshold it builds on you while you take a decision. We ensure the best quality health services at Bookmyscans. Authentic diagnostic and hospital partners; Strong provider network choice Easy, accessible and convenient, Cost-efficient Quality Care recommended by People like You. Bookmyscans is now a name you can trust!


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