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Diabetes Packages

MMO (Make me OK)

MRP: 1,800


(29 Tests)
(Rs.50 extra for Hardcopy reports)

  • Diabetic Screening (1)
  • Complete Hemogram (28)

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It is shocking truth that around 50 million people in India are affected with diabetes. It is unfortunate that India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. Type 1 diabetes (Mostly Juvenile) is a serious condition where insulin production is eliminated from the body as immune system destroys the cells producing insulin. Type 2 diabetes is the most prominent and occurs in 90-95% of people who have diabetes.

Monitoring your food intake is very important to stay away from diabetes. Regular diabetes check up will help you to keep a check on sugar levels in your body.

If you have symptoms like excessive thirst/urination/eating, fatigue, blurred/hazy vision, very poor healing of wounds, then definitely you have to undergo the complete diabetes test. Average blood glucose (Abg) and hba1c test is included in the package. These are the most important sugar test parameters included which will help you understand your body better.

HbA1c test can give you the better clarity on sugar level in your blood. It is one of the most innovative tests to identify the risk of diabetes, also the best indicator on how well you are managing the diabetes.

You might be wondering what would be hba1c test cost. Bookmyscans offers you 50-60% discounts on the packages by partnering with the pioneers in Indian diagnostic industry. We make sure you get accurate results as we deliver the best quality.

You have an option to choose from three diabetes test online. Bookmyscans facilitates free home sample collection at your doorstep. Choose blood sugar tests from the packages and undergo complete diabetes test. Finally, visit your doctor with the reports.