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North Bangalore Hospital

Book appointment Multi Speciailty Hospital
Hospital blue icon12 Bedded Intensive Care Units
Compare cost blue Over 75 beds.
Ambulance 2 State-of-the-art Operating Theatres

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Sharavathi Hospital

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Hospital blue iconStarted in 1988
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Ambulance Latest technology & a team of knowledgeable

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Meenakshi ENT Speciality Hospital

Book appointmentStarted in 1998.
Hospital blue iconOne of the Biggest ENT hospital in India

Apollo Spectra Hospitals

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Hospital blue icon Over 700+ leading Doctors
Compare cost blue Over 71659+ Successful Surgeries
Ambulance Number of Beds - 20 (24 X 7 Ambulance)

Medihope Super Specialty Hospital

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Hospital blue icon International guidelines & International Patient Service Protocols
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AmbulanceMost advanced medical technology

Specialist Hospital

Book appointment 3 Operation Theatres
Hospital blue icon 20 Bedded Intensive Care Unit
Compare cost blue 150 bedded Super Specialty Hospital
Ambulance Introduce Robotic Ortho Knee Replacement

Apollo Hospitals

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Hospital blue icon Intensive Care Unit
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Manipal Hospital

Book appointment Multi Speciality Hospital
Hospital blue iconIntensive care units
Ambulance 24 X 7 Hi tech Ambulance Services
Compare cost blue 600 beded facility set up in 1991.
Ambulance AAHRPP accredited

BGS Global Hospital

Book appointment Part of parkway pantai
Hospital blue iconLargest liver ICU in the country
Compare cost blue Over 400 beds
Ambulance 14 Operation Theaters

GM Hospital

Book appointment Multi Speciality Hospital
Hospital blue iconIntensive care units
Compare cost blue Over 60 Beds

ENT (“Ear, Nose, and Throat”) surgery is one of medical specialty practiced by ENT surgeons. Otolaryngologists (ENT surgeons) are doctors trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck. They are referred to as ENT physicians.

ENT surgery is often suggested as a treatment for conditions that affect the ear, nose or throat when medication and other non-invasive treatments fail. ENT surgery will be suggested in a number of situations from treating tonsillitis in a child to treating cancer (surgical removal of the larynx) in an adult. ENT surgery is also done to correct deformities or injuries. Here are some of the most common ENT surgical procedures.

Typically, ear surgery is performed to correct defects causing hearing loss or impairment. Such procedures include removal of all or part of a bone in the middle ear called the stapes, reconstruction of the eardrum, and to implement a device which will stimulate nerve ends within the inner portion of the ear to help hearing. Surgery of the ear also includes insertion of ear tubes to drain fluid in persons with chronic ear infections.

Common surgeries of the throat include removal of tonsils (tonsillectomy) or adenoids (adenoidectomy). The tonsils and adenoids are masses of lymph tissue that play an active role in body defences to fight infection. The tonsils and adenoids can get infected, in which case surgical removal is usually indicated to relieve breathing problems and infection recurrence.

Surgery of the nose will include procedures that treat sinus diseases (sinus surgery). Advanced endoscopic surgery for sinus and nasal disorders can eliminate the need for an external incision.

Surgery of the neck region includes tracheotomy (a surgical procedure in which an opening is made in the trachea or window). Tracheotomy is indicated for a person who is unable to breathe and deliver enough air (oxygen) to the lungs. Additionally, ENT surgeons perform complicated surgical procedures for the treating of malignant head and neck cancers. ENT surgeons can also treat sleep-related disorders such as sleep apnea and excessive snoring.

Any surgery, whether big or small come with risks, so we usually are sceptical before taking up one. Apart from the doctor/surgeon, we should also know the hospital's success rate in that particular surgery before deciding on the hospital. Hospital’s pre and post-operative care are equally important for the success of any surgery. Bookmyscans have partnered with many multi-speciality Hospitals in Bangalore who not only have the best of ENT doctors but also have the state of art operation theatre and also are good in pre and post-operative care. Few Hospitals who are with Bookmyscans are the BGS Global Hospital, Manipal Hospital and GM Hospital in Bangalore.

The cost of ENT Surgery depends on the type of ENT surgery and it varies slightly from one hospital to another. Bookmyscans have tied up with many multi-speciality hospitals to give a comprehensive amount which includes the operation cost, the doctor fees and the stay in the hospital with pre and post-operative care without any hidden costs. Patients are assured of complete care followed by consultation and expert advice post operation.

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