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  • 143, 1st Cross, Srirampuram, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
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Prices & Payments

Apollo Spectra Hospital in collaboration with Bookmyscans provides the best ENT surgery cost in Bangalore. Prices may differ depending on the type of implant used and the accurate operation and the nights stayed in the hospital.

ENT Surgery Wards Prices
General Ward Rs. 60,000
Single Rs. 76,000
Suite Rs.94,000
FESS - Inter
General Ward Rs. 76,000
Single Rs. 95,000
Suite Rs. 1,19,000
FESS – Major
General Ward Rs. 1,23,000
Single Rs. 1,48,000
Suite Rs. 1,84,000
General Ward Rs. 60,000
Single Rs. 76,000
Suite Rs. 94,000
General Ward Rs. 62,000
Single Rs. 76,000
Suite Rs. 94,000
General Ward Rs. 1,02,000
Single Rs. 1,24,000
Suite Rs. 1,54,000
Septo – Rhinoplasty
General Ward Rs. 1,14,000
Single Rs. 1,44,000
Suite Rs. 1,80,000
General Ward Rs. 69,000
Single Rs. 87,000
Suite Rs. 1,08,000

Why opt for Apollo Spectra Hospital?

In the interests of medical specialists and quality, Apollo Spectra is offering all the privileges of a major hospital in a more friendly and accessible way. The Apollo Group is not only one of the most important unified health organizations in the region but has also heavily catalysed the country's personal health debacle. Today, Apollo Spectra Hospital has brought into being every prospect of its elevated task. New policies in the field of medical care continue to be developed.

It consists of 12 centres across 9 cities, namely, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kanpur, Mumbai and Hyderabad, Gwalior and Pune; more than 70,000 surgeries with outstanding clinical findings; and more than 700 physicians. The core of their patient care is the team of experts from Apollo Spectra, high-quality medicine and a specific foundation.

Why support Apollo Spectra Hospital for ENT Surgery?

In Apollo Spectra, the team of ophthalmologists involves a number of highly qualified, experienced and supporting experts who ensure all patients minimum comfort and therapy benefits during an ENT operation. Apollos Spectra is your unique address with the most advanced facilities for eye, ear and throat problems and is fitted with one of the nation's highest levels of machinery.



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