Medihope Super Specialty Hospital

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  • 114/1, Malleshpalya Rd, Malleshpalya, New Tippasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075
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Hospital blue icon International guidelines & International Patient Service Protocols
Compare cost blue Capacity of 110 beds
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Prices & Payments

The costs for various ENT surgeries at Medihope Super Specialty Hospital depends on the procedure. Surgeries booked through Bookmyscans cover prices without any hidden costs. There are no separate charges for admission, surgery and the stay in the hospital.

Surgery Type Wards Prices
ENT Surgery
General Ward Depends On The Procedure
Semi Private Depends On The Procedure
Deluxe Depends On The Procedure

Medihope Super Specialty Hospital

An ear to hear, a nose to smell and a throat to talk, malfunctioning of these organs can lead to health disturbances that can be handled only through surgery. Shortened as ENT, the specialization is called otolaryngology.

Medihope Hospital is known for providing high-quality healthcare services driven by robust technology and unmatched facilities and assuredly stands out from the rest. This Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital developed using the most high-level medical technology. Chief medical standards following the international guidelines & International Patient Service Protocols are well taken care of by this hospital.

The Department of Otolaryngology at Medihope Hospital is powered by a proficient team consisting of specialists, audiologists, and therapists. The support is warm, sincere and comfortable. High foundation, experienced doctors from across the globe & a serene environment with a capacity of 110 beds works towards the faster rejuvenation of all the patients.

Why choose Medihope Super Specialty Hospital for ENT Surgery?

Medihope is unwaveringly at the cutting edge of the journey to advance on best habits in healthcare aid. The hospital has fully skillful surgeons, multi-specialties like endocrinology, psychiatry, cardiology, support staff, and up-to-date foundation to provide comprehensive care to patients. When it comes to the most effective and efficient ENT surgery; Dr. Meera Ranjini and Dr. Suvidha Kaul are the to-go ENT experts at Medihope Hospital. They are well-renowned otolaryngologists backed by over 20 years of experience in successfully treating several ENT issues.

Medihope Hospital in Bangalore is known for its clinical worth and service patterns. It has become the benchmark destination for quality medical attention. It has healthy inpatient housing facilities, diagnostic amenities, and a brilliant team of counselors, dieticians, and therapists who offer support to all of their patients. Commitment to the prosperity of society with energy and professionalism is the hallmark of this Hospital.



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