Sharavathi Hospital

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  • No. 1133/ F, Service Road, R. P. C. Layout, Vijayanagar 2nd Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040.
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Hospital blue iconStarted in 1988
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Stated below are the prime values for ENT SURGERY packages worked in cooperation with Bookmyscans by Sharavathi Hospital. The cost depends on the type of implant performed, the hospital stay and the procedure. In Bangalore, Bookmyscans provide the best and most affordable ENT SURGERY and are delighted to help each and every one.

Surgery Wards Prices
ENT Surgery
PVT Ward Less 10% Discount through BookMyScans
Semi Pvt Ward Less 10% Discount through BookMyScans

Why Sharavathi Hospital?

Sharavathi Hospital Private Limited has created a fairly outstanding name in the city of Bangalore. The hospital is a multi-speciality hospital famous for its vast array of medical facilities. It was founded in the year 1988. They have come a long way from being an Intensive Care Unit in 2002, establishing this hospital as an appropriate medical centre in line with domestic norms of health. They follow patient-centric tactics, combined with years of experience and state-of-the-art technology convenience, and guarantees adequate and suitable treatment for all the patients. The recent technology and the expert team of medical professionals at Sharavathi Hospitals, Bangalore, produce the perfect combination, which is necessary for the saving and enriching of life.

Why would Sharavathi Hospital be best for ENT SURGERY?

  • Sharavathi hospital also specializes in orthopaedic surgery, trauma, obstetrics, gynaecology, general surgery, ENT, plastic surgery and paediatric surgery along with Non-Invasive Cardiology.
  • The doctors at this hospital are experts in their suitable departments, be it Psychiatry, Physiotherapy, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Surgical Oncology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Anaesthesiology, Nephrology, and Neurology. Utmost care is provided to the new-born baby and the mother.
  • They offer 24by7 assistance to solve all of their patient's medical emergencies. Also, they provide all the do’s and don’ts regarding pregnancy to all the women and their families.




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