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Nothing else is working for you? Its time you should think about hair transplant surgery. Under this procedure the hair follicles are removed from the dense back of your head and is transplanted to your bald scalp. The whole procedure can be carried out only if you still have healthy hair on your head. The surgeon would remove a strip of skin from back of your head or would remove hair follicles which is going to be applied to the affected area.

Various underlying conditions such as depression, thyroid, improper diet, hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency or low vitamin levels can cause hair loss.

In India hair transplant surgeries start from as low as Rs 25,000 /-

  • People suffering from hair thinning or Alopecia (pattern baldness) can be prescribed drugs like Minoxidil or Finasteride, which can slow down the hair loss or in some cases even trigger growth. But the prescription drugs take up to year to show results.
  • Laser treatment can be used to reduce inflammation in hair follicle, which leads to obstruction in hair growth.
  • Scalp massages, oiling and maintain a balanced diet are other remedies to thwart the hair loss.
  • When nothing else works and you are unwilling to done the bald look, the only option left is a hair transplant surgery.

On an average a male loses around 100 hairs a day, but number excessively higher than that can be a serious problem and can lead to a person losing all his hair. More than 40% men notice hair loss by the age of 30-35. Underlying conditions such as thyroid, depression, improper diet, protein deficiency, low vitamin levels or hormonal imbalance can cause hair loss. Before suggesting a treatment the dermatologist will do proper diagnosis to find the main reason behind hair loss.

How Can You Treat Your Hair Loss With Hair Transplant Surgery? Hair Transplant Surgery is medical procedure in which hair from back or sides of the head are moved to the bald part or the area witnessing hair thinning. The surgeon would remove a strip of skin from the back or hair follicles, then he would apply it on the affected area. The two methods are:

  • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery: In this method as mentioned above the surgeon extracts a 6 to 10 inch strip of skin from the back of the patient’s head, sets it aside and stitches the cut scalp close. The strip is then divided into hundreds of grafts containing a single hair or a few hairs. The number of grafts varies from patient to patient depending on the condition of hair.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction :In this method the team of doctors shaves the back of the patient’s head and then remove individual hair follicles one by one.

The rest of the procedure is same in both methods; the hair surrounding the area covers the scars from stitches or holes left behind. After preparing grafts the surgical team creates holes or slits to delicately place the grafts in the affected area. The complete process takes about 4 to 8 hours.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Bangalore starts from Rs.25-45 per graft and can go up to Rs.2 lakh. We at Bookmyscans believe in providing one stop health care destination. Book your sessions now at the most affordable and discounted prices with no hidden cost. Once, you’ve booked the appointment our experts will reach you to guide you through the whole process. Join and be a part of Bookmyscans family, as we offer the most recent procedure in every field of health care.

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