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Kidney Packages

Kidney Packages

MRP: 900


(5 Tests)
(Rs.50 extra for Hardcopy reports)

  • Renal (5)
    • Bun / sr.creatinine ratio
    • Blood urea nitrogen (bun)
    • Calcium
    • Creatinine - serum
    • Uric acid

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Life lossdueto sudden heart attacksis one of the main causes for death and it has increased by 59% in India over a decade. In every 1 lakh people, 272 people are affected with some kind of heart diseases. Another shocking fact is that minority of heart attack victims are teenagers or adolescents.

Heart problems are knocking the life door of people who are suffering with diabetes, high blood pressure, genetic history of heart attacks and poor lifestyle habits. Additionally, if you are enjoying with your smoking habits, then you are inviting this life threatening heart disease at your own cost.

Just a singleblood test for heart will not help in detecting heart diseases. Heart tests helps in detecting the problem much before the real attack.

There are various symptoms that call for heart checkup tests such as discomfort in neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back and abdomen, pain in arms, severe sweating, vomiting, dizziness and unusual fatigue. If you doubt experiencing any of these, then you must undergo blood test for heart attack (cardiac risk markers test).

You might be wondering how to check for heart disease at home. Bookmyscans offers you the best packages for heart checkup tests at 50-60% discounts with an intention to make quality healthcare affordable for common man. Bookmyscans partners with pioneers with diagnostics industry to assure you best quality of reports.

Bookmyscans facilitates free sample collection at home by skilled technicians. Your heart test blood samples are processed in the central laboratory and reports are sent through email/courier.

Consult your doctor with reports once you have received your cardiac profile test results.