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MRI Scan Price List in Bangalore

Scan Name Prices
MRI Head Scan Rs.3150
MRI Single Hand Rs.3150
MRI Chest Scan Rs.3150
MRI Single Leg Scan Rs.3150
MRI Ls Spine Scan Rs.3150
MRI Lumbar Spine Rs.3150
MRI Lumbo Sacral Spine Scan Rs.3150
MRI Nose Scan Rs.3150
MRI Brain Scan Rs.3150
MRI Neck Scan Rs.3850
MRI Anus Scan Rs.3150
MRI Orbits Scan Rs.3150
MRI Knee Scan Rs.3150
MRI Foot Scan Rs.3150
MRI Finger Scan Rs.3150
MRI Shoulder Scan Rs.3150
Scan Name Prices
MRI Ankle Joint Scan Rs.3150
MRI PNS Scan Rs.3150
MRI Wrist Scan Rs.3150
MRI Temporal Bone Scans Rs.3150
MRI Pelvis Scan Rs.3850
MRI Abdomen Scan Rs.3850
MRI Whole Spine Scan Rs.5850
MRI Contrast Scan Rs.1500
MRI Screening Rs.1500 - 2000
MRI Whole Spine Screening Rs.4150
MRI Brain Epilepsy Scan Rs.7000
MRI Pulmonary Angio Scan Rs.6000
MRI Brain Angio Scan Rs.9500
MRI Coronary Angio Scan Rs.7000
MRI + MRA + MRV Scan Rs.10,000

MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore – At Unbelievable Price!!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging popularly known as MRI is a very important diagnostic tool. There are multiple MRI scan centers in Bangalore but you are never sure of their quality. MRI scan cost in Bangalore is very high and affordable only by a few.

Usually, you would consult a doctor, your friend or search the internet to find out about the standard of the imaging center and also compare the MRI Scanning cost in Bangalore.

The MRI Scan cost in Bangalore is starting at Rs 3,150 to 4000. MRI Labs/Imaging centers associated with us are charging a very genuine price while maintaining the quality. This is to make sure every common man can avail the MRI scan services in Bangalore.

That is why we say that if you compare our offer with those of other sources you will notice that our MRI Scanning cost in Bangalore is the best. In fact, it is 40%-60% less than the market price. Our endeavor is to provide the best price with the best quality for all types of MRI scans in Bangalore.

It is important to know that Imaging machines and the interpretation by radiologists who analyze the MRI pictures are the two most important aspects in any MRI report and also the quality deciding factors.

Some labs may have good machines but unreliable interpretation, other few labs may have good radiologists but machines would be outdated. Labs where both are good, will quote an exorbitant price. Hence, MRI scan price in Bangalore varies from center to center.

When you search for MRI scan Bangalore on the internet, a host of sites will appear. But, who assures that all the machines used for MRI have strength of magnetic field above 1.5 Tesla? We do, our MRI scan centers in Bangalore are NABH accredited and AERB complied. Radiologists associated with our labs are doctors of repute.

Our associated labs provide MRI coverage for a whole range of body parts like MRI head, MRI brain, MRI abdomen , MRI shoulder, MRI knee, MRI cervical spine, MRI LS spine , MRI whole spine , MRI pelvis , MRI chest , MRI neck, MRI leg, MRI hand, MRI hip, MRI elbow.

Bookmyscans provides the MRI scan in Bangalore at affordable rates. MRI of the brain is one of the most common scans. MRI Brain Scan cost in Bangalore in labs associated with us is only Rs. 3,150 against a market price of Rs 4,000.

Similarly, MRI scan Spine is another most needed MRI, and the MRI spine cost in Bangalore is only Rs 3,150 as against Rs. 4000 in other centers.

Just relax, we have optimized the quality and MRI scan cost in Bangalore. You simply need to fill up the booking form available on our website and our customer care executives will immediately get in touch with you. The appointment can be finalized as per your convenience and save you from long waiting hours at the center.