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Rhinoplasty relates to a nose job. It is a kind of plastic surgery to improve and reshape your nose, which is also recognized as nose correction surgery. For patients who want to alter the form, size or appearance of their nose, it's a popular option. The top of the nose is the bone, and the bottom is the cartilage. Rhinoplasty can alter and improve your nose’s skin, cartilage, bone, or all of them.

The surgery is done on the bones and cartilage of the nose to resurrect lost functions, correct their shape, fix a deficiency or difficulty in breathing or to correct differences from previous surgery.

Two types of Rhinoplastic operations are performed – open (reconstructive) and closed (cosmetic). The types of cuts created by the surgeon dictate which kind of procedure is performed. Reconstructive surgery alters the nose's shape and functions, and cosmetic surgery improves the nose's look.

You must meet with your surgeon prior to planning rhinoplastic surgery to discuss important factors that will determine if the surgery will work well for you.

  • The doctor will curiously ask about your medical history and whether or not you are taking any medications.
  • The doctor will check your facial antics and your nose from both inside and outside. A full physical examination will be carried out to determine what modifications are required and how physical characteristics, such as skin volume or cartilage strength at the end of your nose, may influence your results.
  • Pictures of your nose will be taken from different angles which will be helpful during surgery and long-term examinations for pre- and post evaluations.
  • The doctor will thoroughly explain what Rhinoplasty is and what post surgery results will and will not do for you.

Rhinoplastic treatments take place inside the nose or between your nostrils through a tiny internal cut. Your doctor will probably rework your skin or re-adjust your bone and cartilage. Depending upon your nasal structure and what needs to be added or deleted, the doctors can change your nose bones and cartilages in many ways. The doctor may either take cartilage deeper into the nose or from the ear to make small adjustments or use your rib cartilage or bone from other areas of the body for bigger alterations. Following these changes, the doctor will put the skin and tissue back into the nose and stitch the cuts.

You will be made to stay in the recovery room as the medical staff will timely monitor your surgery status. You can leave on the same day, or you could stay overnight just in case you wish to rule out further developing problems. You need to completely rest in your bed post-surgery. Lie down flat with your head lifted slightly higher parallel to your chest in order stop more swelling or bleeding. Swelling will be there for some days or for a few months, but it is nothing to worry much. People usually do most work after one week and start again after two to four weeks.

  • Avoid vigorous exercises and movements
  • No shower baths
  • Avoid blowing your nose.
  • Eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid extreme smiling or laughing.
  • Brush your teeth softly to limit upper lip motion.
  • Don't pull clothing over your head.
  • Don't hold glasses on your nose
  • Use SPF 30 when outside, especially on the nose

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