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  • 202, Rashtriya Vidyalaya Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004
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Hospital blue icon 14-bedded ICU
Compare cost blue 180 bedded hi-tech multi-specialty facility
Ambulancebuilding spread over 42000 Sq. Ft

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In connection with Bookmyscans, Bangalore Hospital provides accessible spine surgery packages. Browse through Bookmyscans to book and enjoy a significantly lower cost including medical charges, OT fees, patient care, and accommodation charges.

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Why favour The Bangalore Hospital?

Bangalore Hospital provides individuals from adjacent countries a distinctive opportunity to use their extensive capacity to treat various diseases. The assistance is expanded at very low rates. The hospital offers comprehensive diabetic therapy, neurological therapy, ENT problems, problems with eye care that may be resolved by phaco-emulsification and Lasik operations.

This is the first high-tech hospital in the enterprise sector with 180 beds. It is the first significant multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore which has been developed with a large number of specializations under one roof. It provides the most forward-looking and modern diagnostic service. Here, support is offered in nearly every medical and surgical faculty including super specialities.

Why go for a Spine Surgery from The Bangalore Hospital?

  • Provide an environment that is most comfortable, friendly and reassuring
  • Provide specialized medical care by carefully combining medical expertise with modern facilities at a decreased cost
  • Provide training in the field of medicine to continually enhance understanding and to make efforts to inform patients about the latest medical findings
  • Treat the patient as the patient with the most appropriate condition and the highest priority.

Basically, a single structure is linked to two or more vertebras in the spinal procedure. It is used primarily to treat backbone issues with lower muscle damage and other normal backbone structures. Some of the hospital's most famous doctors include Dr. S. Hemachandra Shetty and Dr.GopalKrishna B.A. The hospital is equipped for easy monitoring facilities by CT scanning and digital X-ray. The department is made up of the latest HDA, satellite navigation and auction services. Their group of experts is dedicated to providing high-level clinical advice and approaches for ageing and ailing customers.



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