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  • Hosmat Hospital - Bangalore 45, Magrath Road, Richmond Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
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Hospital blue icon 23 beded Sophisticated Surgical Intensive Care Unit.
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The expenses of spine operations performed in conjunction with Bookmyscans by Hosmat Hospital are described below. Book a cost that is very much lower in comparison with the other clinics, covering physician costs, patient care, and room costs.

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Hosmat Hospital

In the town centre of Bangalore, Hosmat Hospital is located. It is accredited by NABH and approved by ISO. The hospital is the integrated Tertiary Care Hospital in India. They specialize in powerful orthopaedics, accident trauma treatment, sports medication, arthritis relief, and neuroscience benefits. The clinic retains its product image and is well known for its strong focus on orthopaedics. They are now a multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore City that provides first-class medical assistance.

Hosmat Hospital offers 24x7 Accident and Trauma Service, 24x7 Ambulance Services, 24x7 Pharmacy Services, conduct 24x7 Radiology Services, Manage 24x7 Pathology Laboratories, and expand services to all parts of India. This hospital has 500 beds, 23 bedded Surgical ICU's, 30 and more senior consultants and 200+ trained nursing staff.

Why go for a Spine Surgery from Hosmat Hospital?

Physicians in Hosmat Hospital conduct a thorough exam and a number of trials to rule out any distinctions. The medical history of the patient (if any) is gathered and investigated. These reports will then be used to determine whether the spinal damage exists.Specialists actively assist in the treatment of spinal problems such as pinhole neck surgery and Discectomy.

Basically, the spinal operation involves connecting a single structure to two or more vertebra's. It is mainly used to treat spinal problems with less muscle injury and other ordinary backbone structures. Some of the hospital's most famous doctors include Dr. Bhushan Joseph, Dr. NC Prakash, and Dr. Yogesh K Pithwa.




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