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Squint Eye Surgery

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The Squint Eye Surgery cost in Bangalore varies from Rs. 70,000 - Rs. 2,00,000 for each eye depending on the level of problem, equipment used, the doctors involved & the hospital.

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Squint is also known as Strabismus. It is an ailment that makes an eye to point in different directions. If both the eyes are pointing in the same direction towards the object, it is considered as normal. If one eye is looking direct and the other eye is directed away, then that person has a squint. The squinting may turn in, turn out or sometimes turn up or down and can occur at any age.

Squint surgery is an eye operation. It involves binding or relocating one or more of the external eye muscles to correct the eye position.

Squints can also cause double vision and lazy eye(known as amblyopia) in young children where the image is poor in the eye with the squint. It can lead to an abnormal state of the head. If the squint is not treated on time, it can develop over the time.A person with a squint defect can make use of one eye at a particular time. A person with two good eyes will be able to judge anything and everything with accuracy than the one with this defect. A squint not only affects the vision but also the self confidence and appearance. The earlier the treatment, the better the results.

There are a lot of reasons that often lead to squinting, some are as follows:

  • due to dysfunction of a part of the brain which controls eye movements
  • weak eye muscles
  • hereditary situations
  • poor nerve conditions or cataract

There are four types of Squint problems, namely,

  • Esotropia Squint: one eye turns inwards (convergent)
  • Exotropia Squint: one eye turns outwards (divergent)
  • Hypertropia Squint: one eye turns up
  • Hypotropia Squint: one eye turns down

Treating a Squint may include the following:

  • patching
  • eye glasses
  • eye drops
  • eye exercises
  • surgery

A Squint Surgery requires tightening the weak muscles or releasing the stronger ones so that the eyes are in a better position. In some cases, absorbable stitches hold the eye muscles in their original form. The doctor does not make any cuts on the skin around the eye but will make the eye come out of its socket to perform the operation. In some cases, lasers are also used for the surgery.

It can take some weeks to fully heal from a corrective squint surgery. Throughout this time, there might be on-off pain or itchiness. At times there might be a temporary double vision sensation.

  • avoid rubbing your eyes post the surgery
  • eye drops to be used regularly
  • eyeglasses should be used continuously
  • avoid contact lens
  • avoid strenuous activities
  • avoid makeup

The Squint Eye Surgery cost in India starts from INR 50,000 and can go up to 1 lakh rupees, depending upon the advanced facilities so available at different hospitals. The squint eye surgery cost in Bangalore ranges around 30,000 rupees to 2,00,000 rupees approx.

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