Total Knee Replacement

You can now book a Total Knee Replacement surgery in Bangalore just Rs. 1,10,000

Scraped knees are better than broken! Do not give up on the knee pain you have. Bookmyscans has now made it easy to get a Total Knee Replacement with the best hospitals in Bangalore.

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North Bangalore Hospital

Book appointment Multi Speciailty Hospital
Hospital blue icon12 Bedded Intensive Care Units
Compare cost blue Over 75 beds.
Ambulance 2 State-of-the-art Operating Theatres

Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Book appointment Multi Speciality Hospital
Hospital blue icon Over 700+ leading Doctors
Compare cost blue Over 71659+ Successful Surgeries
Ambulance Number of Beds - 20 (24 X 7 Ambulance)

Medihope Super Specialty Hospital

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Hospital blue icon International guidelines & International Patient Service Protocols
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AmbulanceMost advanced medical technology

Specialist Hospital

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Hospital blue icon 20 Bedded Intensive Care Unit
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Ambulance Introduce Robotic Ortho Knee Replacement

Hosmat Hospital

Book appointment 24x7 Emergency Services
Hospital blue icon 23 beded Sophisticated Surgical Intensive Care Unit.
Compare cost blue 30+ Senior Consultant & 200+ Qualified Nurses
Compare cost blue NABH & ISO 9001:20015 Certified.

Apollo Hospitals

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Hospital blue icon Intensive Care Unit
Compare cost blue 200 bed facility

BGS Global Hospital

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Hospital blue iconLargest liver ICU in the country
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Ambulance 14 Operation Theaters

Columbia Asia Hospital

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Hospital blue iconIntensive care units
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Ambulance NABH and NABL acceriditation

Manipal Hospital

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Hospital blue iconIntensive care units
Ambulance 24 X 7 Hi tech Ambulance Services
Compare cost blue 600 beded facility set up in 1991.
Ambulance AAHRPP accredited

GM Hospital

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Hospital blue iconIntensive care units
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Phoenix Hospital

Book appointment Outpatient Department
Hospital blue iconLaboratory
Ambulance 24 Hours Pharmacy

The Bangalore Hospital

Book appointment Over 44 medical consultants
Hospital blue icon 14-bedded ICU
Compare cost blue 180 bedded hi-tech multi-specialty facility
Ambulancebuilding spread over 42000 Sq. Ft

With advancing age, senior citizens are finding it difficult to keep up the pace in their stride due to knee injuries. So get rid of your Knee pain today! Consult the specialists and treat accordingly.

Replacing knees is a surgical procedure wherein the damaged knee joint is removed and replaced with artificial material. The knee is a hinge joint providing motion between the thigh and lower leg. While replacing the knee, the end of the thigh bone or femur is replaced with a metal shell. The end of the lower leg bone or tibia is replaced with a channeled plastic piece with a metal stem. Based on the condition the kneecap portion of the knee joint a plastic button is added. The artificial components used during knee replacement are referred to as the prosthesis.

So let the pain in the knees not hinder you from enjoying life. In a few weeks after surgery, you can move around without pain. So go ahead and book for total knee replacement surgery in a best knee replacement hospital in bangalore at affordable prices.

Bengaluru is witnessing many incidents with every passing day. There is a set of aging population experiencing problems with the joints and knee is the first one that hurts. The symptoms of chronic knee problems can be listed as:

  • Increase in knee pain
  • Swelling or tenderness around knees
  • Chronic knee inflammation
  • Buckling and locking of knees while moving
  • Cracking or popping sounds while walking or climbing stairs
  • Restricted motions of knees

Timely diagnosis and care are of the utmost importance now. The human body is made for movement. By being active, you are in charge of your health. So don’t delay. Take a proactive step and book an appointment with orthopedic.

Analyzing the condition of your knee, your ortho may suggest the treatments, many times, some problems associated with the knee may diminish with physiotherapy, but when external treatments have no much of effect, surgery is the only option.

You may have a list of specialists and hospitals performing total knee replacement in Banaglore. But you can find the best one through Bookmyscans. At BookmyScans, we work by providing high-quality total knee replacement surgery packages at lower costs. We do not compromise our value system and maintain high ethical standards. Our focus is always on accurate diagnosis and high-quality clinical care. Lifestyle changes and change in food habits is one of the primary reasons for the degeneration of the knees.

Our packages provide checkup, consultation with orthopedics along with total knee replacement surgery.

BookmyScans is tied with reputed hospitals which focus on efficiency in total knee replacement surgery along with wellbeing of the patient.

The immediate questions that cross our mind are: is knee replacement surgery safe? And how successful are knee replacements? Total knee replacement surgery procedure is perfectly safe, and you will be up and walking within a week. With advanced technology and efficient knee replacement doctors, the replacement has become accurate, precise and safe.

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