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How we work?

We analyze the quality and accuracy of scan centres/labs & partner with those centres upon satisfying our quality parameters. Based on patient’s desired location and the diagnostic scan opted by them, we populate the exactly matching high quality scan centres with the most discounted and accurate price list on each scan.

1) Best & Accurate Prices provides you the discounted prices of various scan centres in your nearest location. We help public in identifying the best scan centre in their region to diagnose their health ailments. Like never before, you will get a great option to compare the list of scan centres in your region with all available scans fitting your needs. is entirely free for patients & you can save more than 80% from the actual price as compared to visiting the same center directly. Our vision is to bridge the gap between patients and the high end diagnostic services by making them available, affordable and reliable to common man.

2) Reduced Waiting Time

The greatest difficulty for most of the patients today is their waiting time, Sometimes, you need to spare a whole day for undergoing any kind of diagnostic scan due to long waiting hours in most of the best diagnostic scan centers in your region. helps you to fix all the diagnostic scans related appointments completely online which cuts off your waiting time and enables you to choose the best scan centre at your desired time thereby making your diagnostic scan process more easier than ever.

3) Qualified Scan centers

Based on the scans you are undertaking, the quality of the diagnostic labs and scan centres might vary. There will be hundreds of scan centres around you, our unique portal helps you in identifying the best scan centres and assists you in scheduling an appointment for you. helps you in identifying the best CT scan centres, MRI scan centres, PET-CT scan centres, Mammography and Ultrasound scan centres. All the diagnostic scan centres listed in is assured of its quality of scan machines & radiologists.  We do periodical inspection in the scan centres and do in-depth analysis for providing better service.

 4) Comparable & Best Match

One of the most astounding features from is the transparency on rates and you can avail scans at discounted rates in the diagnostic scan centers and labs nearest to your location.

5) Online Diagnosis Reports

We provide a custom dashboard for each patient, where they can login periodically & download their history of diagnosis reports at any time for keeping a track on their health.

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