Why Corporate Health check-ups for the employees are important to the organization?


The production of any organization is directly proportional to the employees’ health conduction. If an employee faces regular health issues, the whole unit, their process and the organization suffers. In other words in an organization, the workforce is the backbone, so if one keeps the backbone healthy and productive, it will definitely make sense.

A corporate medical check-up is a term used to describe a range of checks and tests that help identify risks to health and improve health conduction among staff. This is likely to benefit both employees and the organizations they work for.

In this busy and stressful life, we lead, we don’t have time to eat healthily or stay fit. We are always on the run. All this may not show any signs in the initial stage but gradually will take a toll on our health and we may be prone to the lifestyle disease such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes which in turn will lead to long-term illness. In order to avoid all this complication and to have a healthy workforce, corporate health check-up is the easy solution.

Young people around 25-35 years think they are healthy because they don’t show any signs and symptoms of the chronic disease, but in reality, ever they are affected with the lifestyle diseases because of the sedentary lifestyle and the unhealthy food they eat. It is mandatory not only for people in the age group of 35+ to go for the corporate health check-up but also the young generation should take the yearly corporate Health check-

Which are the tests are included in the corporate health check-up?

Corporate health check-up assessments usually consist of a combination of tests, which aim to give an employee a general overview of his health status and help to detect disease or risk factors early. Any problems can then be followed up with the doctor, which is important as many people may suspect that they have a health issue but have not undergone medical tests.

Similarly, many people will be living without any idea they have a serious health issue such as the cholesterol level which is a silent killer which does not show any visible symptoms. Corporate health checks might identify issues such as this and force a person to take action to protect their long-term health.

Corporate health check-up package should include Complete Hemogram, Diabetes, liver function test, kidney function test, lipid profile, uric acid, chest x-ray and ECG, stool routine. More extensive testing can include a treadmill test (TMT), Hepatitis B test, TSH for thyroid, abdomen ultrasound. Also, discuss with the doctor regarding adult vaccinations.

The doctor consultation will include a physical examination and free counseling.

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What are the benefits of corporate health check-up?

Corporate health checks offer a variety of benefits both for organizations and the individuals who work for them.

  • Benefits to the individual include: He will have Access to health information which in turn reduces health risks and Improves performance with better mental health.
  • Benefits to organizations: It Reduced sickness absence levels, It helps in greater staff satisfaction, It also improves productivity overall. Corporate health check-up demonstrates that employers care about their staff and are dedicated to helping them stay healthy.