CT (Computer Tomography) scans are advanced X-ray tests that produce cross-sectional images of the body using X-rays and a computer. It has laid a foundation for diagnosing medical diseases which are not easily diagnosed by the usual methods. It is very useful in diagnosis of internal body organs from head to toe.

What is CT scan of an Abdomen?

Abdominal CT scan is used to accurately diagnose problems associated with the organs inside the abdomen area. When a patient faces acute abdominal pain, he may be advised for a CT scan of an Abdomen to find the reasons behind the pain. The scan is also helpful in detecting kidney stones (size and location) appendicitis, intestinal disorders, inflammation in different areas like pancreas, intestines, liver and cancer (location and staging). Most of the time the CT abdominal scan may require a contrast dye – a barium liquid as it travels through the digestive system and the barium appears white on the scan giving a better picture of the organs being examined.


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The spiral scanner captures continuous images of the abdominal area using X-rays. These raw images are then reformatted using computer tomography to draw conclusions over the diagnosis. These results can be transferred into a CD or even printed.

Types of Abdominal CT scan

Depending on the type of CT scan required, a patient may undergo CT Scan of the Abdomen as below:

  • The CT upper abdomen scan is used to diagnose and detect for infection or inflammation and diseases associated with liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach, bladder, intestines, pancreas, and adrenal glands. They can also detect cancer in these areas.
  • The CT lower abdomen and pelvis scan is used to diagnose and detect diseases associated with Intestines, rectum, prostate, bladder, and male and female reproductive organs. Disorders and diseases like constipation, gastroenteritis, colitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), intestinal obstruction, ileus (slowing of normal small and large bowel function), gastroparesis which is usually a complication of diabetes mellitus, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome are diagnosed using CT scan.
  • CT abdominal angiography requires contrast dye to diagnose the patient conditions. The contrast dye is either given through IV or oral. This helps in assessment of blood flow in the arteries and blood vessels and their functioning. CT scan of Abdominal Aorta angiography is also performed on the same lines.

CT scan of abdomen Dual and Triple phase are the advanced technology scan that are advised depending on the patient requirement. The dual phase is the helical or spiral scanner that captures images continuously and these images can be recreated in three dimensions. In the triple phase CT scan, the scanner captures 3-D images at 3 different points of time during the session. This is mostly used to assess liver lesions.

Cost of Abdomen CT scan in Bangalore

The cost of CT Abdominal and Pelvis scan is usually higher than the CT scan of any other body part as it comprises of two to three tests put together for a diagnosis. The market cost of whole Abdomen and Pelvis CT scan in Bangalore is around INR 8,000. The CT scan of Upper Abdomen may cost you around INR 3,000 and INR 5,000 (CECT) and Lower Abdomen and Pelvis may cost INR 3,000 or INR 8,500 (CECT). The cost of Abdominal Angiography, Dual Phase and Triple Phase CT scan may cost anything between INR 6,000 to INR 8,500.

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It is very important to have a CT scan done at the centers that are AERB approved and ISO and NABL standards certified. The CT scans centers in Bangalore require certain safety norms and regulations to be followed because the radiations that the scanners emit can have harmful effect on the patients, doctors and the general public in and around the building. Hence it takes a huge amount to set up these scan centers.

CT scan Cost in Bangalore

Scan Name Prices
CT Head Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Single Hand Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Chest Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Single Leg Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Ls Spine Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Lumbar Spine cost Rs.2500
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Nose Scan cost Rs.1500
CT PNS Scan cost Rs.1500
CT Brain Scan cost Rs.1500
CT Neck Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Anus Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Orbits Scan cost Rs.1500
CT Knee Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Foot Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Ankle Joint Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Fingers Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Shoulder Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Wrist Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Temporal Bone Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Pelvis Scan cost Rs.2500
CT Abdomen Scan cost Rs.3000
CT Contrast Scan cost Rs.1000
CT Screening cost Rs.1500 – 2000
CT Abdomen and pelvis Scan cost Rs.3000

The cost of the scan may vary depending upon the type of scan and the labs. It is still unknown as to why few labs charge so much and few charge exceptionally less. It is very difficult to identify these certified centers and choose them for our service. To help us with this BookMyScans has partnered with scan centers that are approved for providing quality services, adhering to the safety norms and that provide high quality CT scan reports. You can book your appointments online for CT abdomen scan anytime of the day in Bangalore from just Rs.3000 which is 50% lesser than the market price. BookMyScans periodically audits these centers to make sure they help you meet the best service providers at extremely affordable prices.

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