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CT Scans also known as CAT Scans (Computed tomography / Computerized axial tomography) makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-ray measurements and captures a series of X-Ray images in various angles and creates cross-sectional 3d images/virtual slices of the confined parts of our body. They are useful in diagnosing parts of the body pertaining to Cardiology, Neurology and Oncology. The First commercial CT scan was introduced publicly in 1972.

CT Scan in Delhi

Chronic Diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, mental health disorders, cancer and more are taking the number one place for the reasons for mortality in Delhi. Most of the chronic diseases are prevalent in the poor and the rural regions of Delhi. Although the government of Delhi has been working towards providing cost effective primary healthcare to all, their coverage is pretty low. The private sector in Delhi provides good chronic diseases care but it is found to be expensive and not affordable by the poor. To bring down the burden of these chronic diseases, the health minister of Delhi has announced early this year, that residents can avail CT, MRI scans for free in the 21 selected labs of Delhi. The residents need to show a referral letter obtained from the 30 government hospitals and 23 state run polyclinics to avail this service.

CT Scan cost in Delhi

Healthcare in Delhi is very expensive and barely affordable by all the residents. Delhi stands third on the list of “Most expensive India States for healthcare & medical treatments” due to lack of health expenditure support. Most of the CT scan centers are equipped with 16 to 64 slice scanners. Delhi is now equipped with modern 128 slice CT scanners to diagnose all types of illnesses of the body. These scanners need high grade technicians and specialists to carry out the procedures. But, Delhi is either short of medical professionals or equipments. There is long waiting period for CT scans in Delhi and this creates a lot of demand too. The cost for a CT scan in Delhi ranges from INR 2,000 to INR 15,000.  If the scan requires a contrast agent, the cost of the scan will again raise by INR 2000.

Getting CT scan appointment through BookMyScans

The demand vs supply of healthcare services in Delhi is very poor. Meeting the healthcare needs at the right time makes a huge difference. Residents of Delhi have been complaining about the shortfall of doctors and experienced technicians. The public hospitals do not cater to the high end diagnostic needs of the patients and one’s which have the facilities are most of times not in a working condition. The people face long hours of waiting time, almost days together. The waiting time for a CT scan is around 40 – 45 days. The Delhi government has been working on schemes, and has outsourced the diagnostics facilities to the private diagnostic centers in Delhi trying to meet the healthcare needs at the right time.

To make this process even easier, BookMyScans is at your service. You can find many CT scan centers in Delhi that are partnered with BookMyScans to help you meet the CT scan needs at the earliest and at affordable prices. You can book a CT scan for any part of the body only at Rs. 1250 at the centers in areas like Kirtinagar, Greater Kailash, Asaf Ali Road, Saini Enclave and Janakpuri. Other CT scans are available at 80% discount rates. BookMyScans partners only with scan centers that are approved by AERB and ISO and NABL certified, so you are assured of great quality services and technically competent reports. You need not visit the CT scan centre again to collect your reports; you can access them online and also download them. We take your appointments round the clock and our customer care is available 24/7 for your support.

CT scan Cost in Delhi

Scan Name Prices
CT Head Scan cost Rs.1250
CT Single Hand Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Chest Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Single Leg Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Ls Spine Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Lumbar Spine cost Rs.2000
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Nose Scan cost Rs.2000
CT PNS Scan cost Rs.1500
CT Brain Scan cost Rs.1250
CT Neck Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Anus Scan cost Rs.2830
CT Orbits Scan cost Rs.1500
CT Knee Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Foot Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Ankle Joint Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Fingers Scan cost Rs.2830
CT Shoulder Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Wrist Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Temporal Bone Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Pelvis Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Abdomen Scan cost Rs.2000
CT Contrast Scan cost Rs.500 – 1000
CT Screening cost Rs.1500 – 2000
CT Abdomen and pelvis Scan cost Rs.2000

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