CT Scan in Hyderabad – Know how to Save upto 80% cost

Computer Tomography (CT) scan is an imaging technique used in radiology to diagnose and detect ailments associated with the head, lungs, pulmonary angiogram, cardiac, abdomen, pelvis and joints including ligaments damage and dislocations. The scan is noninvasive, fast and an accurate test. The scan uses X-Rays to capture series of structural images of the body parts and diagnose the problem.


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Healthcare in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is one among the metros of India and is populated with approximate 10.2 million people. The healthcare scenario in Hyderabad is standardized to a level and is affordable compared to the other cities of India. Hyderabad has 50 government hospitals and 150 private hospitals, nursing homes and clinics and diagnostics centres. Only 28% of the population uses the government healthcare facilities and services. The majority of the population prefers private hospitals over government hospitals due to the far distance locations, poor quality of patient care and extreme waiting time.

Importance of CT scan in Hyderabad

Disease management prevails all over India and Hyderabad is no exception. Among the chronic diseases, the prevalence of heart ailments has been found to be the highest, followed by asthma in the people. The city is also burdened with diseases like pulmonary infections, including sinus, allergies and lung infections like bronchitis. It is observed that these diseases are growing in a fast pace among the younger lot of Hyderabad. The city tops in the TB cases and ranks 6th for prevalence of Diabetes, according to a survey by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. CT scan has been proved to be a great tool in medical diagnostics industry to detect and treat these diseases. With the help of this scanning tool, most of these diseases can be detected at an early stage and the physicians can plan treatments and prevent the premature deaths happening in the city.

CT scan cost in Hyderabad

CT Scan is a tool that captures a series of structural images of the whole body or a certain part of the body using X-rays. Generally a CT scan cost in Hyderabad starts from INR 2,200 and may go upto INR 15,000, depending upon the scan center and the part of the body to be scanned. The cost may also differ if the CT scan requires a contrast agent to be used during the procedure. It may cost INR 2,000 more than the price of a regular CT scan. The cost of a whole body CT scan may cost around INR 12,000 to INR 15,000. The cost of CT Brain (axial, coronal, saggital), Ankle joint, Arm, fingers, Shoulder, neck, wrist, knee, foot,  Femur or Forearm, Hip or Humerus, Leg, Nasophyrinx, Orbit, PNS Coronal & Axial may cost between INR 3,000 to INR 6,000. The cost for CT temporal bone scans, pelvis and abdomen may cost you more than INR 6,000. All these prices are the standard market rate, but if you use online booking platforms like BookMyScans, you are assured to save nearly 80% of the cost. Choice of the location and the scan center is an added advantage.

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CT scan Cost in Hyderabad

Scan Name Prices
CT Head Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Single Hand Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Chest Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Single Leg Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Ls Spine Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Lr Spine Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Lumbar Spine cost Rs.1999
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Nose Scan cost Rs.1999
CT PNS Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Brain Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Neck Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Anus Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Orbits Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Knee Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Foot Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Ankle Joint Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Fingers Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Shoulder Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Wrist Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Temporal Bone Scan cost Rs.1999
CT Pelvis Scan cost Rs.3000
CT Abdomen Scan cost Rs.3000
CT Contrast Scan cost Rs.1000 -1500
CT Screening cost Rs.1000 – 2000
CT Abdomen and pelvis Scan cost Rs.3800

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