Lost a tooth but dreaded to visit a dentist for an implant fearing the pain all the drilling and screwing might cause? Worry not we’ve got you covered with all the information regarding a Dental Implant.

Usually people are hesitant to go to a dentist for a dental implant worrying about the pain it might cause, but in reality, most patients who have gone through a dental implant have said that the procedure doesn’t hurt and causes minimal discomfort.

dental implant

So what is all the fuss about, why are people scared of dental implants?

In a dental implant surgery, an incision is made into the game in which a screw-like metal post is inserted and a missing or damaged tooth is replaced by a prosthetic one by screwing it into the metal post. People might think that all this screwing and drilling might hurt, but the process is carried out over a course of a few months and utmost care is taken to provide the best results. Moreover local anaesthetic used so the patient does not experience any pain and can stay awake during the surgery.

The doctor and patient work with each other to get a desirable result, the following points are considered before going into the surgery:

1. Has the jawbone reached its full growth?
2. Is there enough bone to secure or the implant or to accommodate a bone graft?
3. Are there any oral health issues?
4. Is the patient willing to commit for several months?
5. Is the patient unable to wear denture?

Post-implant Care:

A patient is most likely to experience discomfort immediately after the surgery, which might last for a few days.

A patient might feel discomfort in chin and cheeks; the area underneath the eye might also be affected. Minor pain and bleeding can also occur at the implant site along with bruising of skin and gums.

Following dental implant surgery, one should use an icepack to reduce the swelling and only soft foods should be consumed for 10-14 days after each phase of the surgery. Painkillers like Ibuprofen are also recommended to relieve the pain. A doctor might also suggest rinsing with warm salt water to help soothe the tissues resulting in additional relief.

Following the surgery one should practice excellent oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly and avoid damaging habits like chewing on hard items or using tooth staining products like caffeine and tobacco.

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