What is the Preventive Health Check-ups(PHC)?

Concerning the early detection of diseases, a preventive health check-up seeks to define and minimize risk factors.

What are the tests covered in Preventive Health Check-up (PHC)?

Preventive health check-ups include the assessment of cardiac structures, diabetes, functional liver, markers of cancer, detailed blood profile, lipid profile, key field picture, and thorough specialty examinations. This involves extensive check up on the entire organism. A coronary CT package on the state of the world dual-source CT device provides a detailed evaluation of the heart’s vascular status. Also, an MRI of the recent three Tesla machines is provided in the package. The examination provides a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s health status and is strongly suggested for people older than 40 years.  Preventive Health Check-Up (PHC)  exactly includes 8 tests, are as follows:
1.Investigations – CBC, ESR, Blood Group, T3, T4, TSH, Urine Routine, Stool Routine, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12
2.Imaging – CT Coronary Angiography (after consultation with a cardiologist), CT Scan Calcium Scoring, MRI – One organ, Chest X-Ray, USG Abdomen & Pelvis, Mammography, Carotid Colour Doppler, BMD
3.Diabetics – FBS, PPBS, Fasting Insulin, HBA1C
4.Lipid Profile – Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Lipoprotein(Lp(a))
5.Liver Function Test – Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, Bilirubin
6.Cardiac Evaluation – ECG, Stress Test, 2D Echo
7.Consultation – Physician, Ophthalmologist, Gynaecologist, Dentist, ENT, Dietician
8.Cancer Markers – CEA, CA – 125, Pap Smear

How often should you get Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC)?

At the age of 30 to 40 years, every individual should get a health check-up done. Baseline mammograms should be repeated every 1-2 years and are now suggested to females when they turn 40. Mostly, physical annuals begin around 50 years of age. Even if you feel well, your provider should always be examined regularly. These visits can help you to avoid future problems.
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Why Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC) is important?

Regular health examinations and tests may assist to identify issues before they begin. They can also assist to discover issues soon when your treatment and cure opportunities are better. You can take steps to help your chances of a longer, healthier life by obtaining the right medical services, tests, and treatments.

What are the parameters covered in Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC)?

There are no routines for preventive health testing while your family history and past medical history might call for certain exams. However, some tests are generally performed to guarantee a thorough assessment. In other words, the parameters covered include:

  • Clinical History – The examination generally begins with your medical history. This is when you need to mention all of your health issues or complaints.
  • Vital Statistics – Some essential signs, including blood pressure, breathing speed, heart rate, and temperature, need to be checked by the attending doctor. You will also be observed in your overall appearance.
  • General Body Exam – A physical and sensory exam of the extremities will tell the doctor about the health of your arms, legs and joints, lymph nodes, sinuses, nose, ears, eyes, and thyroid.
  • Lab Tests – Certain regular checks and laboratory tests are conducted for men and women.
  • Policy – The first step is to guarantee that credible and reputable medical services are used by you. However, consider a good health insurance policy even before this. An annual check means that the problem will be detected in good time, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. To prepare yourself and your loved ones to deal with any sort of health-related issues, the best way to ensure that you choose the health insurance that will help in case of an emergency.

Are there any ways to online book Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC)?

Yes, Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC) can easily be booked online. Bookmyscans in collaboration with a lot of hospitals in different cities provides different packages for a PHC. The packages are offered at affordable discounted prices and include doctor’s fee, procedure costs, and the nights required to stay in the hospital.
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Are there any consultants to help select Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC) packages?

Bookmyscans is the best place to offer multiple services at the most affordable price. Your team works very hard to provide excellent diagnostic services to all visiting customers and patients via the best type of testing labs and clinics.

What Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC) packages does Bookmyscans offer?

Bookmyscans offers the following packages:
PACKAGE Price & Tests

  1. Basic Health Check-Up Package – INR 900 (with 29 tests + Dr. Consultation)
  2. Wellness Health Check-Up Package (A) – INR 1200 (with 56 tests + Dr. Consultation)
  3. Wellness Health Check-Up Package (B) – INR 1600 (with 59 tests + Dr. Consultation)
  4. Wellness Health Check-Up Package (C) – INR 1,700 (with 60 tests + Dr. Consultation)
  5. Wellness Health Check-Up Package (D) – INR 2,000 (with 79 tests + Dr. Consultation)
  6. Comprehensive Health Check-Up Package – INR 2,300 (with 94 tests + Dr. Consultation)


How do you know which hospital in your region is the best for Preventive Health Check-ups (PHC)?

It can be hard to find the best location to perform scans in India. It takes more time than the real scan to compare locations and their prices. Bookmyscans bridges this gap by partnering with the most exceptional diagnostic centers and offer a platform where every individual of any age can comfortably fulfill their requirements, get corrective tests, scans and surgeries accomplished. As soon as you complete the form, their client support team will contact you quickly for further interaction. They also offer home sample collection facilities. It can be very challenging for all the patients to find a proper diagnostic center around them. Arrangements shall be set at your convenient moment and date. Every arrangement is confirmed. Bookmyscans will also wholeheartedly help to reduce the waiting time in the hospitals and clinics and help to speed up all the required bookings. There is also an option that allows patients to download reports online. To know more, you can visit www.bookmyscans.com and browse through all the best possible packages suiting your pockets and requirements.
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