Our human body is a very complex system. Our body is made of several elements and is a combined work of different organs that keep the body in the working condition. Human bodies vary from person to person, not only in the noticeable aspects of size and shape but also in the placement and position of the internal organs. Human bodies generally follow a pattern. None of the body parts work in isolation but each part does its own job with the support of all the other organs. It is very important to keep all your organs healthy to keep your overall health fit.

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Burden of diseases today!

India has got the second largest population in the world accounting to 1.3 Billion (as of 2016). Since two decades India has been witnessing epidemiological and demographic changes. With this, India’s burden of diseases has also seen a rise.  India has come up with national programmes for the control of most of the diseases for almost half a century now but we still see the prevalence of Infectious, communicable and Non-communicable diseases taking away many lives every year.

Category 1 includes diseases pertaining to communicable, maternal and child health conditions. Category 2 is the majority of Non – Communicable diseases that include cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancers, mental health disorders and other chronic diseases. Over six million people died of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in India in 2016. Ischemic heart disease being the leading cause of death, other diseases that followed are diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic kidney disease according to the findings of the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2016 study, published in medical journal Lancet. The causes for the heavy rise in these NCDs are majorly air pollution, poor sanitation, hepatitis B and child waste, changing lifestyle, greater life expectancy, intensive use of tobacco and alcohol, poor dietary habits and low physical activities. These are the major metabolic and behavioral risk factors affecting the rise in deaths due to NCDs in India.

According to researchers & physicians, the contribution of NCDs to death and disability in India continues to grow at an alarming rate—a ticking time bomb that is increasingly affecting not just our health but our economy as well”.

Present day healthcare facilities across India

India is witnessing a healthcare boom. The technologically advanced healthcare facilities are being set up across different tier I and tier II cities. There are facilities and equipments being provided at the PHC level to assure the healthcare needs of every patient are met. But all this does not suffice yet. Even if there are facilities available the place is short of trained Doctors and nurses. There are limited resources and competing demands and not all conditions can be treated. Indian healthcare system is divided into two sectors, Private and Public. There are more than 50,000 government hospitals in India including dispensaries, PHCs, nursing homes and diagnostic centers. Public healthcare sector is supposed to provide free healthcare services to the patients in need, but the non-availability of diagnostic tools and increasing unwillingness of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals and physicians to practice in rural, under-equipped and financially less well-paid rural areas are becoming challenging. The reason for this may be cited as far distance of the public sector facility, long waiting hours, and inconvenient hours of operation. Apart from this there are several other reasons as to why people prefer private healthcare services over the public.

According to National Family Health Survey-3, the private medical sector remains the primary source of health care for 70% of households in urban areas and 63% of households in rural areas. This preference has given the power to the private healthcare providers to decide on their own prices, making it very difficult for the middleclass people to afford it. This has in turn resulted in out-of-the pocket expenditure for diagnostics, medical counsel and treatment for people across the country.

Full body check up in Bangalore – what does it include?

Few years ago, a doctor was visited only if you were unwell and showed up some symptoms of illness, and if the illness never got better. But today, we see our doctors regularly from time to time for many reasons. Few visit when they experience a new problem with their health, few visit as per the requirement of follow up care for a chronic illness. There are yet others who see their doctors regularly as a routine follow-up to keep their health maintained, and help themselves prevent from upcoming illnesses. But such people are relatively few.

The concept of regular checkups for healthy individuals is growing day by day. People are shifting their healthcare mindset from being curative to preventive. Maintaining good health is not a day’s process; it takes your endless efforts to make sure you are healthy. And to help you maintain your health records handy, it is very important to have annual full body health check up. An annual health check up in Bangalore gives the healthcare provider the general condition of one’s body for assessment. It is also known as preventive health check up or master health check up.

A general health check up in Bangalore includes many factors that help your doctor understand the body condition. A usual full body check up in Bangalore is made of routine physical examination, blood and urine tests, imaging tests like X-rays, ultrasounds, Lung function tests and cardiac assessments. You can choose your own laboratory or diagnostic center or opt to go with the centers prescribed by your doctors. Things that a regular health check up in Bangalore provided by top healthcare service providers include:

  1. General physical examination that assesses your weight, height, blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature.
  2. A complete blood count (CBC) test that help in assessing infections, anemia or indications of other diseases.
  3. Lipid profile test (LPT) that helps in assessing complete cholesterol troll over your body and helps in assessing cardiovascular risk.
  4. Liver function test (LFT) helps in diagnosing the functioning of the liver and helps diagnosing liver diseases if any.
  5. Kidney function test (KFT) also called as renal function tests (RFT) that evaluate the proper functioning of the kidneys
  6. Blood sugar test (HbA1c test) helps in diagnosing if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic.
  7. A chest X-ray studies the chest and the other organs located in that area.
  8. An ECG, a very important test that helps in determining the heart rate and uniformity of the heart beat. Even a slightest change may be an indication of a heart attack you have already suffered from.
  9. Ultrasonography studies of different organs help in diagnosing problems in the abdomen such as spleen, gall bladder, liver, pancreas and kidneys
  10. Urine examination helps in the general assessment of health in terms of systemic or metabolic diseases.

There are many other blood tests & diagnostic scans in Bangalore hospitals & healthcare centers apart from these that provide a detailed study of your health line to your doctor.

Why is a full body check up so important?

Preventive health checkup or master health check-up is not a choice anymore. It has become a requirement. Our healthy lifestyle has come to a halt. Our hectic work schedule has left us with no time for any physical activities. This is why people end up in gyms today, just to make sure there is some warm up that our body needs. No exercise, unhealthy eating habits, excessive intake of non-vegan food, usage of tobacco, alcoholism, improper sleeping hours and many other reasons are an alarming blow for rising deaths and disabilities due to chronic heart diseases, cancers, strokes, nervous system problems, mental disturbances, diabetes, and several hormonal imbalances. What can one do if these diseases suddenly knock your door one day?

Especially in Bangalore, increased pollution & work stress ruins your health slowly. If you are working in night shift without proper sleep on morning, you are prone to several lifestyle diseases. Bangalore is already declared as cancer capital of India. These diseases can be definitely prevented by properly planning and executing annual and regular health checkups in Bangalore. Therefore it is very important to block your time for yourself every year to make sure you stay healthy. Why would one need a regular health check up when he’s healthy? Annual health examinations are good for all. But if you are a healthy individual, your doctor may prescribe only a few preventive tests, depending on your age and demography to make sure your health is on track. While you read through this, the question “Who requires a regular health check up” may have popped up in your mind. The international consensus and understanding recommends that men, above 30-35 years of age, and women, above 30-40 years of the age, should undergo annual preventive health checkup. It has been observed that people of working age-group between 35-65 years are at higher risk of lifestyle diseases. Apart from this group of population people with Clinical history, family history of diseases, past medical history and dietary habits are also recommended to have regular Full body checkup in Bangalore every year.

Why book a Full Body Check up with Bookmyscans?

In a fast paced life we are always on the go. We hardly pay attention to ourselves to review our health conditions regularly until we realize there is something wrong with our health. There are many small things that govern our lives and help us stay fit like eating properly, taking ample amount of sleep, exercising regularly, and so on. We have been ignorant enough all this while about our health and it’s time to take charge.

With the rising number of life threatening and chronic diseases, there is an increase in the treatment costs of these diseases, which have put people under debts. People are dying because they cannot meet up to the health care treatment costs for chronic diseases. Healthy India is a Wealthy India. This is exactly the reason why many organizations, all across India, have made it mandatory for their employees to get a whole body health checkup done every year and also sponsor these check-ups with the insurance plans they have. They have also made a point to educate their workforce about its importance, to ensure all their people stay fit and healthy and work effectively and efficiently, hence adding to the overall profitability of the organization.

Just to do our bit, we @ BookMyScans have come up with complete health checkup packages at affordable prices and promise to share the burden of the costs incurred by helping you save on the treatment costs with the preventive full body check-up in Bangalore. We provide full body health check up with all the essential blood and urine tests, and imaging tests for screening lifestyle diseases and chronic infections that are common. This will help your doctors in finding out problems that already exist or are about to surface in the near future. We also have packages that include cancer specific tests like PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) for men and mammography and some gynecological tests for women.

We understand the importance of time for you, so our customers can expect easy scheduling of their appointments round the clock. There are a number of reputed laboratories and diagnostic centers that provide such packages for full body health check-ups. But finding the right one and the one nearest to you is a task. BookMyScans is one online portal that guides you with the information of the best health checkup providers in Bangalore that best suit your requirements. BookMyScans partners only with centers that are AERB approved and ISO and NABL certified to maintain consistent quality of reports and who are technically compliant to adhere to the health care needs of the patients. We ensure that our partners are equipped with standard equipments and the list of the scan centers we provide are regularly audited and you can rely on us for the best quality results. At BookMyScans, we assure you 50% discount on the Full Body Health Checkup in Bangalore so that everybody can afford this check up and stay healthy.

Health Tip: Health is the greatest asset a man possesses. Don’t let your busy lifestyle, routine and habits ruin and damage your health condition. Make sure you get yourself tested at regular periods, eat healthy, and stay away from habits that may affect your body, exercise regularly and stick to the basic preventive measures.   

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