Our body is made up of a biological system that works on its own mechanism. It is too complex to understand easily. Human bodies are made of different elements and organs that work together to keep it functioning. Even if one organ fails to perform its job, we fall sick. Do you think it is really important to understand your body better? Why is it crucial to keep your bodies healthy and how?

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Career opportunities in Bangalore

Bangalore with a population of    11.5 million (2011 census) is the most happening metro of the country and accounts to be the fifth most crowded city in India. Bangalore is popularly known as “The Silicon Valley” and also as the “The IT Hub of India”. The IT companies in Bangalore employ approximately 35% of the total of 2.5 million of the IT professionals of India, therefore attracting a lot of expats from all over the country. The city has an amazing IT infrastructure and quite a huge amount of investment from the central government flows into the city.

Karnataka is popularly known as the knowledge capital of India. The state has a strong educational base with 600 universities, including ITI, 135 engineering colleges, 181 polytechnics and 103 R&D departments creating amazing talents every year. This makes a constant availability of great quality workforce. Places like Electronics city and Whitefield are made up of super big MNCs that provide a pool of opportunities, not only for locals of Bangalore but the rest of the Indians as well. Motorola, Philips, AMD, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Daimler Chrysler, GE, SAP and Oracle are just a few of the major players that have set up base in the city and creating tremendous career opportunities.

How important is it for a 25 – 36 year old to get a full body check-up done?

For young adults aged 25 – 36 years, even perfectly healthy ones, an annual visit to the doctor has long been considered to be the foundation of good care. But is it really worth it? Are the benefits of annual care actually as great as we think? Can patients get the benefits of the yearly checkup in other ways? is what everybody questions. Keeping all this aside, has anybody thought how important it is to keep ourselves healthy? Young adults who fall in the age group of 25 – 35 and above usually think they are perfectly healthy and symptom-free and this thinking is developed because a large number of people in this age group are actually healthy. But it is not necessarily what looks healthy from outside should be healthy from inside.

Even if you feel healthy it is imperative to schedule a regular full body health check up to Screen for diseases, assess risk of future medical problems, help develop a healthy lifestyle, update vaccinations (flu shot annually and tetanus every 10 years) and also maintain a relationship with a doctor in case of an emergency illness. A head – to –toe examination will set up a baseline for your healthy life. In this age it is crucial to maintain an appropriate weight, healthy diet, maintain the level of physical activity/exercise patterns, limit tobacco/drug use and alcohol consumption. As almost the entire population of this age is a working professional, stress can play a big role while affecting the well-being of these people. Every age group has its own set of stress and challenges. For a 20-year-old, college might be devastating. Next age group may face stress in marriage and family, and later in this group, their job could add stress. Overall, stress is known as the silent killer. Hence all these factors make it mandatory to get an annual full body check-up for the above age group of people.

Are pre-marital and pre-employment health checkups necessary?

Marriage and employment are two things that most of them get into for more than half of their lives. Maintaining good health will definitely be of great help in maintaining the quality of these two important phases of your lives. Let us learn more about how important these check-ups are.

A pre-marital health check-up is a health analysis of the soon-to-be married couples. In a marriage, the couples start a new stage of their lives building emotional, social, familial and healthy relationships. It is always better to know the family background, hereditary factors, age, diet and addictions that contribute to the better understanding of each other’s lifestyles. These pre-martial check-ups help in screening possible ricks and possible health problems that the couple may face. These tests are important because, they help in knowing the positive health status of the to-be-wed couple, detects infectious diseases like Hepatitis B infection, HIV, HCV and other sexually transmitted diseases (if any) and can easily identify about the carriers of genetic disorders that may help in assessing the risk of having children with a severe form of diseases like Thalassemia, Haemophilia and Sickle Cell Disease.

With the lifestyle we follow today, full of stress and anxiety, the problem of infertility has become very common and affects approximately 10-15% of the couples. These health check-ups can also check for the fertility issues that are a hurdle in their family planning. With a healthy body we can start healthy relationships, and if the couple is taking the next step in their relationship and are planning for a family in the near future, this a pre-marital screening health check-up will help you better prepare for the future. The tests that may help screen both male and female in the couple are,

  • A complete Hemogram, Blood group and Rh type analysis
  • A RBS or Hb1Ac for analyzing the diabetics profile of the couple
  • A blood test of HPLC and VDRL to identify diseases like thalassemia and Syphilis
  • HIV AIDS infection test
  • HbsAg and HCV for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections
  • Sickling Test to check if a carrier of sickle-cell trait is present
  • TSH for thyroid hormone, an ultrasound and semen analysis to check for the fertility index of the couples
  • Urine Routine

Coming to the pre-employment health check-up, it is mandatory for all the new joiners and existing employees of the organization as their workforce is their biggest asset. It is the growing trend in the recruitment industry to request their new joiners to undergo a full health check-up. These checks along with being industry specific to find the ability of the employees to perform the required tasks, they also help the employers to provide support to the employees in terms of time management and assigning deadlines. Corporate health is considered to be one of the biggest issues that affect the productivity of the companies. This pre-employment health check-up also helps the company to hire the right candidates as they invest both time and money on them. The pre-employment health checks include both physical and psychological tests that helps identify the physical ability and psychological stability of the employee. These tests also help in identifying if the employee is addicted to alcohol or drugs, if the employee has any hearing and vision problems or if he has some mental disorder that may lead to the misuse of the powers in the organization. Some common tests that a pre-employment test includes are:

  • Psychometric tests
  • Screening for hypertension
  • Cholesterol checks
  • Immunization check
  • Vision and hearing ability
  • BMI
  • Blood and urine test for other chronic and infectious diseases.

How health checkups & early prevention of diseases can increase one’s career ability

Workplace health and safety is considered to be one of the goals of an organization. Healthy workforce has proved to reduce the absenteeism and has proved that healthy workers can concentrate better and showcase higher level of productivity too. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cancer do not develop overnight. They are within you from many years before they are diagnosed. Raised cholesterol levels, hypertension, obesity, poor diet and many other problems that may lead to long-term illness can be identified during annual regular full body check-ups and the employers may be able to offer help to overcome a nagging health problem.

Career is a serious constitution. When companies inform the candidates about the requirement of a pre-employment health check-up, people seeking jobs in that organization understand that the organization is serious about the workplace safety and health. The main objective of pre-employment health checks is to ensure that employees can perform their jobs safely without placing co-workers at risk. It also increases one’s career ability to a greater extent. Companies provide many monetary benefits to their employees in regards to their health, example insurance premium. In many cases, people with health problems may be considered unfit for the roles because their regular illness can hamper the productivity of the company and can also increase the company’s health insurance premium. Also, under the law of Public Health Protection, the law allows to reject the applicants who are suffering from infectious diseases who can further be a threat to other co-workers.

In India, dependency factor of the families is higher compared to any other country. A man’s career and his financial security are important for the rest of the family as much as for him. A healthy career and help you maintain a healthy family too.

Which is Bangalore’s most deadly killer?

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state. Since the city is referred to the IT hub, the city also caters to lot of career opportunities for people all over the country. Bangalore suffers from the same major urbanization and modernization problems that we see in many fast-growing cities of India. Factors like rapidly increasing social inequality, mass dislodgment and insufficiency, creation of slum settlements, and outbreak of public health crisis are on a rise due to severe water shortage and sewage problems in many parts of the city.

With all these problems ill health and diseases come complimentary. Vector-borne diseases and Non-communicable diseases are the emerging causes of death in Bangalore today. Communicable diseases like malaria and TB are under control, but dengue hits the highest cases of death in Bangalore. NCDs like Cardiovascular diseases, neurological and lung diseases are on rise. Bangalore also sees a specific rise on the diabetic profiles of the people as 10 to 15 percent of the adult population in Bangalore is affected with diabetes. The increase in the number is certainly because a large number of people are slipping into sedentary lifestyle.

While ischemic heart disease still tops the list of cause of deaths in Bangalore, the followers are COPD, Stroke, diarrhoea, diabetes and Lower respiratory infections.

How can Full Body Checkup with 87 medical Tests + 5 diagnostic Scans prevent these deadly diseases?

master health checkup process

With the advancements in the healthcare industry there have also been tremendous technological advances in the field of diagnostic healthcare. The continuous research and development for new tools and technologies have resulted in new and innovative modalities that are focused on prevention and early detection of diseases. We at Bookmyscans, believe in preventing the deadly and chronic diseases than curing them at high costs. All this being the reason for better health of the people, we offer people of Bangalore Full Body check-up that are essential for individuals to monitor their health status and take appropriate measures and precaution to maintain good health and lifestyle just at INR 4,999.

Full body Health Check-up

Health Check-up package No.Tests and Scans Price
Master Health Check-up Silver 60 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray + Dr Opinion Rs. 2,500
Master Health Check-up Gold 102 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray + Dr Opinion Rs. 3,500
Master Health Check-up Platinum 102 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray PFT + USG Abdomen/Pelvis + Dr Opinion Rs. 5,500
Master Health Check-up Premium 135 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray PFT + USG Abdomen/Pelvis + TMT/2D Echo + Dr Opinion Rs. 7,500

Our package includes 87 tests and 5 scans extensively designed, so that the package suits all the age groups. We offer tests that measure your vitals, complete hemogram, liver functionality tests, toxic elements test, lipid profile, cardiac risk markers, kidney and renal functions tests, iron deficiencies, thyroid and vitamin profiles, arthritis, pancreatic, electrolytes and diabetes tests, male and female hormone levels tests.  The 5 scans include ECG, Chest X-Ray, TMT, USG Abdomen and PFT.

Bookmyscans is a one stop destination to find the solutions to your diagnostic needs. Be assured about the quality of the reports, as we partner only with diagnostic centers that are approved and certified to perform high-end diagnostic tests like MRI and PET. We are exceedingly accessible at any time of the day to book prior appointments, reducing your waiting time and you can also view your reports and download them online. We have more than 10,000 happy customers and we are happy to share that we have helped them save more than 1.2 crores on their diagnostic tests. Additional to these benefits, the amount you spend on the full body check up can also be claimed under section 80D and get tax deductions of up to ₹5,000. Just log on to www.bookmyscans.com to get a Full Body check up just at INR 5,999 today!

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