Health is not just your healthy body; it also defines you as a person. A healthy person is 80% happier, able and successful in life than one with ailments that keep him burdened all the time. Health is not just your responsibility when you feel sick but it has to be taken up as routine to make sure to be fit all the time.

We cannot avoid diseases,

but we can surely prevent them attacking you early by tracking your health with routine full body check-ups.

Full body Health Checkup in Hyderabad

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Healthcare infrastructure in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of southern Indian state Telangana (in-laws) capital of Andra Pradesh. It is the fourth most popular city of India with a population of 7.75 million. Founded in the 16th century the city is known as the “City of Pearls”. It is also very famous for its biryanis and its traffic. Industrialization throughout the 20th century attracted major Indian manufacturing, research, and financial institutions to set up operations in Hyderabad and the emergence of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the city has given it a new name as “genome valley”.

The healthcare system of Hyderabad is said to standardize and easily affordable than many other cities in India. The city is well established with 50 government hospitals, 165 private hospitals, 4000 clinics and nursing homes and 500 diagnostic centers.

But is this sufficient to meet all the healthcare needs of the 8 million people of Hyderabad?

People of Hyderabad, like any other major cities of India face the problem of far distance locations, poor quality of patient care and extreme waiting time in the government hospitals of the city. Also, the corporate hospitals of the city are in short of beds for patients. If the patient’s condition is serious, then he is shifted to the emergency wing and the hospitals wait until a bed is empty.

A majority of the patients prefer private hospitals for healthcare services over the government hospitals. Only 28% of the residents of the city go to the government hospitals to meet their healthcare needs. This is because the city sees huge development in the healthcare sector and also the number of insured population is increasing. Along with insurance, Arogyasree and traditional government-sponsored reimbursement schemes like CGHS, ESI is being used by the people that help them meet the monetary needs being paid for healthcare services. Hyderabad also attracts large pool of patients from states like Orissa, West Bengal, border towns of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and is gaining importance for medical tourism too.

Prevalence of chronic diseases in Hyderabad

India is a developing country and the cities of India face a huge problem of modernization and urbanization. Hyderabad is surrounded by many villages, that has led to a heavy migration of the rural population to the city due to rapid industrialization and urbanization and the city has pushed out its boundaries making the small villages around the new urban areas of the city and few have turned into slums. The casual laborers, who are migrant workers, spend their nights in tents or makeshift shacks they have built from corrugated iron, and their days building glass and steel edifices. Most of these areas are unsanctioned by the city authorities, and therefore lack basic services like water, sanitation and housing.

According to an article published in Deccan Chronicle in July 2017, Hyderabad has the second largest population of urban poor in cities in India which is 23%.

This means out of 100 Hyderabadis, 23 are poor.

The two major reasons behind increase in the urban poor population increase in migration and increase in employment.

Dr. Narendar Reddy Chirra, consultant with a private social institute in Hyderabad said, “Shelter, food and travel are not very expensive in Hyderabad which makes it possible for poor people to survive here (in Hyderabad)”. Your health is directly related to the environment you live.

As many Indians are adopting more urban lives, chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease are on the rise taking away people’s good health, replacing the problems of malnutrition and infectious diseases as the health worries of the country. Like any other metro cities of India, Hyderabad is also affected by chronic diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Kidney and Liver diseases, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many other infections. About one-third of women and one-fourth of men are overweight and obese, 49% of children below 5 years are anemic and up to 20% children are underweight in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad ranks 6th for a prevalence of Diabetes in India

Diabetes is believed to be running into families. People with a family history of diabetes, heart disease and obesity are more prone to diabetes. Hyderabadi’s main course of food comprises a broad range of rice, wheat and meat dishes and people of Hyderabad are well known for their skilled use of various spices. The people are also very fond of desserts and dishes like qubani ka meetha, double ka meetha and kaddu ki kheer which are pretty famous all over India. Rice rich in carbohydrates, meat in fat and desserts full of sugar make people easily prone to diabetes.

Genes have proved to be a part of the research as to how a person’s DNA affect how the body makes insulin. Obesity, or being overweight, and a group of conditions that cause insulin resistance like extra fat around the waist, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglycerides also cause diabetes. Conditions like too much glucose from liver, bad communication between cells to produce glucose, broken beta cells can lead to diabetes as well.

A survey was carried out by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India to check for prevalence of diabetes in Hyderabad and the results show, Hyderabad ranks 6th for prevalence of diabetes and it was found that 22% of patients suffer from diabetes in Hyderabad.

According to Dr Bipin Kumar Sethi, “the major problem seen in Indian patients was the Asian Indian phenotype where the person is obese around the waist. The waist to hip ratio has a greater degree of central obesity. When that happens there will be less adiponectin (protective hormone) but more of fatty acids in circulation. Increased levels of fatty acid will lead to decrease in pancreatic capacity to produce insulin and control sugars”.

Diabetes accompanied diseases that can be fatal

Diabetes, commonly known as blood sugar is usually underestimated in regards to its effects. But not all know that this is a disease that can give rise to many other deadly diseases that can be fatal. When Diabetes attacks your body, it affects the ability to produce or use insulin, a hormone that allows your body to turn glucose (sugar) into energy. Some symptoms of diabetes can be mentioned as increased urine output, excessive thirst, weight loss, hunger, fatigue, skin problems, slow healing wounds, yeast infections and tingling or numbness in the feet or toes. All these symptoms should not be ignored and you need to immediately get your blood glucose level checked.

Untreated diabetes can have a major effect on your body and can increase the risk of many diseases. Few major fatal diseases that can be caused by diabetes are:

  1. Heart diseases and stroke: High blood sugar levels can cause a gradual build-up of fatty deposits that may harden the blood vessel resulting in narrowing and blocking of these vessels. This can lead to heart attack or stroke.
  2. Kidney diseases – prolonged diabetic profile may also lead to kidney failure. More than half of the diabetic population faces kidney problems. With high diabetes, the kidney needs to work more to process and purify the blood and with High blood pressure the risk of this disease increases. The kidney wears and tears sooner than expected leading to chronic kidney disease.
  3. Nerve damage – if the blood vessels are damaged by fatty deposits, they usually do not get the oxygen and nourishment they need, causing damage to the nerves. Diabetes often leads to nerve disorders called neuropathies and diabetic neuropathy is a condition where people face symptoms like pain, numbness or tingling in your legs and toes, arms and fingers, digestive complaints like nausea, indigestion or constipation.
  4. Amputations – this is one of the worse conditions a person with diabetes can live with. Nerve damage in people with diabetes may not have proper circulation of the blood towards the lower body parts, due to which cuts or sores on your feet or legs will have a tough time healing and people may not even feel the pain in the affected foot areas and may notice the foot problems only when they get infected. These are the two reasons why people with diabetes can lead to amputations.
  5. Vision loss – cataracts and glaucoma are two major eye problems people with diabetes face. Diabetes can also cause blockages or abnormal growth of blood vessels in the retina that can lead to vision problems, and if left untreated, may also cause blindness.

Remember, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, that’s not the only disease you need to be concerned about. The raising risks of secondary complications cannot be ignored either and need to be taken care of immediately.

How can full body check-ups help you diagnose diabetes early?

None other than a doctor can tell you how your body works and what needs to be done to keep it fit. This is where a Full body regular health check-up comes into picture. A regular full body master health check-up consists of many tests that analyze, detect and diagnose many ailments and diseases that you may not even think about. With the changed lifestyle people are prone to diseases earlier than they should be, so it becomes even more important to get them diagnosed earlier. Hypertension, cholesterol, and obesity are three major health problems that come complimentary with the sedentary lifestyle we follow today. And these problems are more than enough to give rise to many other health problems.

For example, diabetes is a very common disease and has a major effect on your bodies. A full body check-up includes tests like Blood, urine and imaging scans that help diagnose health problems easily. They also include criteria to check the blood sugar levels separately. A diabetic profile test includes test like Fasting, PPBS and Hb1Ac tests that calculate your blood sugar levels at different times.

  • Fasting blood sugar test checks your blood sugar levels when you are fasting for like 8 hours and how your body works out insulin with empty stomach. The normal range for this test is said to be 90 mg/dL – 120 mg/dL. A fasting blood sugar level less than 100 is considered to be normal. Anything between 101 mg/dL – 120 mg/dL is considered to be prediabetic. And anything more than 126 mg/DL needs two more tests called GTT (oral glucose tolerance test) and HbA1c (hemoglobin A1C) tests to confirm you are diabetic.
  • Random or PPBS tests checks for your blood sugar levels after the intake of food. This is usually checked after 2 hours of the regular intake of food. This analyzes how the organs like liver and pancreas break the sugar intake into energy and how much is stored back.
  • HbA1c – is the hemoglobin A1C tests that help analyze an average blood glucose level for the last three months. This helps the doctor decide if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic. A GTT may also be performed to find how your body tolerates the glucose intake.

Full body Health Check-up in Hyderabad

Health Check-up package No.Tests and Scans Price
Master Health Check-up Silver 60 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray + Dr Opinion Rs. 2,500
Master Health Check-up Gold 102 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray + Dr Opinion Rs. 3,500
Master Health Check-up Platinum 102 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray PFT + USG Abdomen/Pelvis + Dr Opinion Rs. 5,500
Master Health Check-up Premium 135 Tests + ECG + Chest X-ray PFT + USG Abdomen/Pelvis + TMT/2D Echo + Dr Opinion Rs. 7,500

All these diagnoses helps your doctors to decide on your diabetic profile and suggest as to how this condition can be treated. Diabetes can only be treated to live with the controlled condition of this disease avoiding the risks of further deadly diseases but it cannot be cured.

Where can you get online appointments for full body check-ups in Hyderabad?

With a high rate of diabetes prevalence in Hyderabad, Bookmyscans will help you keep a track of your diabetic profile. All you need to do is just log on to our website where you can find all the necessary information right from which tests to get done to where you can get them done. We at bookmyscans, partner only with approved and certified diagnostic centers because we believe, trust is an element that cures half of your ailments and rest can be affectively treated by the accurate and quality results that our partners provide. We ensure that are partners are equipped with the technological competent tools that help produce timely and accurate results you can rely on.  We work round the clock and you can book your appointments online anytime. We also have many offers for your preventive full body master health checks at assured 75% lesser price compared to the standard market price. We have full body check-ups starting only at INR 699.

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Health tip: If you smoke, quit! If you consume alcohol, quit! If you are physically inactive, start exercising today. Stick to a well-balanced, heart-healthy diet and manage your diabetes ABCs, get your A1C test every 6 months, maintain you Blood pressure levels and keep a check and control over your Cholesterol levels.