PET CT Scan is an advanced nuclear imaging technique that combines two radiology processes; one is the PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) in one single machine. This technique of radiology helps the physician check information about the structure and function of the internal parts of the body including the cells and the tissues. giving 80% discount on Full body PET CT Scan cost in Chennai. Book an Appointment Now

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This scan is a part of nuclear medicine and the scan is performed using a special solution of Radioactive Glucose inserted in the veins of the patient’s body. The cells and the tissues absorb this solution to give a better picture about the functioning of the same. PET CT scan helps in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases like cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body.

Chennai and Healthcare

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is India’s fourth-largest city. With a well known cultural base, Chennai is a fast-paced metropolitan city of India. The current population of Chennai is recorded as 8.5 million and is one of the largest cities in South India. Chennai is growing tremendously in sectors like manufacturing, retail, Healthcare and IT. Located at the shore of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is a major business hub, attracting a lot of employment opportunities. Recently it has become an important destination for trade and tourism. It is best known for its people and their hospitality. Chennai is popularly known as the “Health Capital of India”. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction by foreign travelers, among which 45% of the tourists visit Chennai for healthcare services. 30 to 40 percent of the domestic tourists also visit Chennai for availing healthcare services.

India has a medical history related to Chennai. The first hospital of India was set up at Fort St.George in November 1664 by Sir Edward Winter to treat the sick solders of the East India Company. Today this well-established hospital is popularly known as Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. With the recent technological developments taking place in the healthcare industry, Chennai has become the hub for Medical Tourism & industry is expected to growth at a rate of 30% per year, with a worth of more than INR 95,000 million. Almost 150 foreign patients visit hospitals in Chennai for healthcare services per day.

Full body PET CT Scan cost in Chennai

Role of PET scans in detecting Chronic Diseases

Nuclear Medicine is gaining importance in radiology for detecting many of the chronic diseases. Nuclear medicine is unique and is helpful in gathering information about any organ or tissues within the human body. In Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine, a small trace of radioactive glucose is injected in the veins of the patient for diagnosing abnormalities in the organs or tissues in the body and helps in the early detection of diseases. This type of scan is popularly known as PET scan. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a new technology in nuclear medicine modular imaging widely used and applied in the fields of Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, Infection and Inflammation imaging. This helps the doctors with three dimensional images and provides information about the functioning of the organs and the tissues at cellular and molecular level.

India is a very heavy populated country. More than half of the population falls in the 25 to 35 years of the age belt and around 30% of the population comes under greater than 60 years belt. With the fast pace of lifestyle, changing eating habits, environmental and socioeconomic changes, the population is borne to many Chronic diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Astama, Cancer, Cardiovascular problems and many more. These non-communicable chronic diseases have replaced communicable diseases as the leading cause of mortality and disability in India. Identification of the risk factors using screening tools has become the new technique of diagnosing health problems and fighting against these chronic diseases. PET scans often detect diseases at an early stage and even before they can be evidently seen on a CT (Computed Tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scan.

PET CT Scan in Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer being one of the major causes of death in the population of India, it is consider to top the list of chronic and life threatening diseases. Cancer is a cell level disease. Normally, the body is considered to be healthy and functioning properly if the cells of the body grow and divide when necessary. Cancer harms the body when the cells divide uncontrollably to form masses or lumps of these unwanted cell called tumors. Tumors usually grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems. They release certain hormones that alter the functioning of the body. These tumors can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancerous and can be removed. They are not life threatening and usually do not return. But dangerous or malignant tumors occur when a cancerous cell manages to detach from the current location to spread over other parts of the body disturbing the functioning of that part too and destroying the healthy tissues.

Thanks to the developing technology, that we are able to detect cancer like life threatening diseases at an early stage. PET CT Scan, a combination of Positron Emission Tomography (PET – Functional study) and Computed Tomography (CT – structural study), a new advanced imaging technique in nuclear medicine, has helped save millions of life. Though these machines where introduced commercially in 2002, they have gained popularity in the recent years. These machines provide detailed insight of the glucose metabolism in the tissues. The patient is induced with a solution of radioactive glucose (F -18 FDG fluorodeoxyglucose) in the veins. The cells in the body absorb this solution and can be easily traced under this machine using high resolution gamma camera. This helps the doctors detect cancer and find its source too.

PET CT scan can also determine the size of the tumor and it’s location. It is also used as a tool to plan the treatment strategy, check if the treatment is working or not and if the cancer has returned.

Cost of PET CT Scan in Chennai – Full body & Single part

PET CT scan is an imagining technique of nuclear medicine widely used in the field of radiology to detect problems associated with the health in Oncology (97%), Infections (2%) and Cardiology (1%). Oncologists are able to detect and manage a wide variety of cancers using PET CT scan; especially the solid tumors. A full body PET CT scan gives the doctor a clear and transparent image of the functioning of the cells and tissues in the human body. If the doctor is suspecting cancer, it is usually good to have a full body PET CT scan, because it helps discover many malignant cells and tissues in the whole body when compared to the single body part PET CT Scan.

The scanners and the procedure of a PET CT Scan are very expensive. Why? Here is the answer. It is very expensive to set up a PET CT Scan center, it takes nearly 100 crores. This includes the machines, facilities, the doctors and the technical staff. The procedure uses a radioactive material and glucose solution to be induced in the veins of the patient’s body. This is F-18 FDG (fludeoxyglucose) and there are only 21 medical Cyclotrons that produce this cancer imaging PET isotope, in both public and private sector. This isotope is supplied to only the 108 PET CT facility centers in the metro cities of India. All this process and procedures takes a lot of investment. The price of the scan in India is also considered to be the most expensive one.

The cost of the PET CT scan vary depending on factors like, the hospital or scan center you choose to go, location of the center, the technology of the machine used and lastly, the choice of full body PET CT Scan. The cost of full body PET CT Scan on an average is INR 24,000 – 25,000. There are many well known scan centers in Chennai that are partnered with BookmyScans. If you connect through their website, things will be definitely easier and you can save upto 80% on the scans.

Quality PET CT scans centers in Chennai

It’s not all that easy to get a PET CT scanner installed in a radiology department. It needs approvals, certifications and lot of money. A center with a PET CT scan machine needs to be approved by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). The radionuclides that are produced by the cyclotron have higher energy. The other materials used for other type of diagnosis are not as powerful as this one. There are a certain set of regulatory requirements and radiation safety precautions that all the centers approved by AERB need to follow. The center also need certifications from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for delivering consistent level of quality services and for maintaining technical competence for testing.

Not all radiologists can read the images produced with the PET CT scanners, it takes experience. Apart from the regulatory requirements of Radiation Safety Measures, protocols as per AERB, infection control and waste management as per ISO and NABL and quality services, it is important to have well-trained doctors who can read the images and well trained technical staff. Everybody involved in the Scan process, a trained and qualified Nuclear Medicine Radiologist and the technical staff should be well aware of basic principles of the PET CT Scan technique, radioprotection concepts, and the problems that may rise due to the radioactive glucose induced to the patient. All the above factors decide the quality of the scan center. The model of the equipment used (the latest in the market is 64 Slice system) and the reports generated also decide the quality of a PET CT Scan center. You can find such quality certified PET CT scan centers in Chennai through They have best quality service and high-resolution images assured at a reasonable and discounted price.

Online Appointment – an easy way to get your PET CT scan

Internet usage is taking new heights and it has brought substantial change in our lives today. It has drastically changed the way of our work and has become one of the important means of communication too. The world of web connectivity is reshaping the structures of public and private sectors. According to Internet World Stats, 49.8% of the population in Asia uses internet for one or the other reason. Technology is developing with a breakneck speed, and it is important to blend ourselves in this and move with it. Online travel market is a huge one, where people plan their trips with ease and comfort including, flights, buses, and trains, hotels for stay and cabs for transportation. Likewise, online appointment is gaining importance to book appointments with hospitals and laboratories. People not only want it these days, they expect it.

Disease management and surveillance has become one of the missions of India and the healthcare industry is working towards providing good health to all. Cancer being a top cause for death, early detection can save a life. Like any other metros, PET CT Scan in Chennai is also expensive and time consuming. It is a procedure where a patient usually spends two to three hours at the diagnostic center to get the scan completed. It is very difficult in this situation to follow the traditional way of booking appointments with the laboratories.

Thanks to, that they have been successful in helping the patients get appointments online for the PET CT scans in Chennai at discounted and affordable prices. They are partnered only with the Scan centers that are AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) approved and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified. These scan centers are also audited periodically to make sure they deliver consistent quality services and have the technical competence for testing. Bookmyscan can be accessed round the clock and you can rely on us for the best quality results. Quick access to the reports online is an added advantage you cannot afford to miss.