We must give greater attention and care to balance our mind and health to be able to live in harmony with out body.”—Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Over-weight and Obesity has been a rising cause worldwide. America leads the list with the most people whose body mass index (BMI) fell below the threshold considered “obese”. It is said that by 2025, India will have over 17 million obese children.

Bangalore is considered the silicon valley of Asia. The IT capital ranks amongst the worst affected cases of obesity in India. Among all the south Indian states Bangalore leads the list with most number of people who are obese.

Rapid urbanization, transformation to metro city, lifestyle alteration and poor diet is said to be the causes of this undesired headache.

Doctors specializing in Obesity treatments now find bariatric surgery to be the most effective and a reliable remedy for morbid obesity.  Obesity is a complex choric disease like cancer.

Morbid obesity is considered and a serious health hazard which would result in severe dreadful complications to the human body.

Bariatric Surgery Options in India

There are mainly three types of bariatric surgery commonly done, they are:-

  • Gastric bypass
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric banding or the Lap Band

Each of the above method of surgery can help in treating obesity by making your stomach smaller, which means you would be able to eat only a small amount of food.

This surgery is suggested mainly in three situations, they would be; One, when the patient has numerous health problems and the only viable option is weight loss surgery, Two, the weight of the person is still very high with no drastic changes to the weight even after making forceful changes to his/her diet and lifestyle, Three, the possible benefit of the surgery is far greater than the risks involved after the surgery.

Bariatric surgery may not be for everyone who is suffering from obesity and also is not a cure of obesity. The patient undertaking such a surgery must make effective and radical decisions towards bettering his lifestyle after the surgery.

What are the benefits of the surgery?

The most important emphasize of this surgery is the resulting health prosperity improvement in weight and quality of life.

The benefits of bariatric surgery will improve the blood sugar levels of the body, enhanced feeling of breathing made comfortable, capable to move quicker with increase in ability to be extra active, improvement in fertility and pregnancy results, decrease in risks for heart related problems and diseases like cancer, superior weight loss than other medical treatments.

Bangalore has a high success rate for bariatric surgery with almost 98% treatment results. Like all medical surgeries, Bariatric surgeries, also have some minor risks associated.

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Bariatric Surgery Patient Information

Can anyone get gastric bypass surgery?

Wondering if you are the right fit for a bariatric surgery, then you need keep in mind the following:-

Every patient would have different treatment which needs to be considered by the health team before commencing the surgery.

The health team would consider if the patient is too young or too old to have the surgery, whether or not if the patient is able to comprehend to the guideline prescribed by the doctor, if they smoke or not, the BMI is below the decided rate, if they are not able to keep appointment with the doctor, certain medical conditions which could come in the way of the surgery, if they are pregnant or planning to become.

Does bariatric surgery work?

The medical advancement in the area of surgery has grown stronger in the recent.  Studies show that the long term health outcomes for patients suffering obesity results in dramatic weight loss and also later prevents obesity related health disorders like diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Obesity is now the most urgent health crises of our time and doing a medical bariatric surgery can be a legitimate way to help overcome your struggle over obesity.

How much weight would I lose?

The amount of weight loss in patients varies from person to person and is different for everyone.  A positive outcome of a bariatric surgery is losing of around 30% of your starting surgery. Patients will lose weight gradually in the next 12-18 months of the surgery.

Many people often wonder that immediately after the surgery the, they would reach an ideal or normal weight, but, this is not a realistic goal they need to consult the doctor.

What is the success rate of a bariatric surgery?

The bariatric surgery does not work marvelous miracle, while the surgery in intended to cut down the food consumption by reducing the size of the stomach resulting in becoming full faster, the patient undergoing the surgery needs to commit to strict behavioral changes, including adopting a healthy diet, taking the prescribed medication and vitamins, regular exercise regimen and following everything and anything which is recommended by the medical team.

According to a study, the weight is almost imminent is all the surgeries and could take up to 2 years for it to completely reflect, with gastric bypass about 65% success rate, sleeve gastrectomy 56%, and gastric banding or the lap band to 49% success rate which reflecting in the weight loss.

Book my Scans – Bariatric surgery success stories / Testimonials

Mr. AnandTripathi

I was struggling with my weight for close to 20 years, through years I have met numerous doctors but no matter the problem I used to always come back being fat and was not offered any help with losing the weight.

I did a lot of research and found about bariatric surgery to lose weight, and I immediately knew this is what I need. But when going through these hospitals in Bangalore Igot to know the prices and they were very high to consult and perform the surgery.

BookMyScans were like a miracle which happened to me, they team is very efficient and knew exactly what to do. They have linked with some of the best medical centers and helped me through the way. The prices were also very reasonable compared to other hospitals. I would certain recommend any person suffering for morbid obesity to check out bookmyscans before going to the hospitals.

Julie Mathur Rai

Before the surgery my weight was close to 180 kgs and now after one year after the surgery my weight has come down to 98 kgs. The Doctors assisted a lot will all the medications and preparing me mentally which helped. I’m so glad that I came to a normal life of beingenergetic and confident, my life has completely changed. Also, want to thank Bookmyscanswhich helped me finding the best health care team in Bangalore with a very good package deal. All the people who are suffering from obesity that they should go for this surgery without any fear.

Omar Azan Rahim

I had lot of problem with walking and used to become breathless very quickly, my movements were slow and had troubles to even drive a car. My reason to live my life to the fullest came after doing the bariatric surgery. The staff at the hospital was the most caring team I have come across. I have become more confident and have got joy to my family. I’m so glad I got this opportunity change myself to the better. I know doing a surgery is a lot of money but with Bookmyscans their cost are very minimal. They also helped with booking the appointments, guiding through this tedious procedure. Thank You BookMyScans and all the doctors.

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