Hip Replacement Surgery:

The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint composed by the upper part of the thighbone and a component of the pelvis. It is the largest colossal joint in the body, which allows the movement in several directions. Hip Replacement Surgery is done through a surgical procedure that involves removing the actual joint and replacing it with an artificial socket and an artificial upper part of the femur.

Types Of Hip Replacement Surgery

A surgical procedure where the damaged cartilage and bone of the hip joint is surgically removed and replaced with artificial components. The socket is a “cup-structure” element of the pelvis called the acetabulum. The ball is the head of the thighbone. This process involves surgical abstraction of the diseased ball and socket and superseding them with a metal or a ceramic ball.

  • Bilateral Hip Replacement

Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery is done when both sides of the body are affected at the same time.
The process is frequently done at the same time with two separate surgical teams, Bilateral Hip Replacement is performed by one team doing one hip surgery after the other. The operation is done under a single anesthetic and takes two to three hours.

  • Unilateral Hip Replacement

While Bilateral Hip Replacement Surgery is done when both sides of the body are affected, Unilateral Hip Replacement surgery focuses on only one side of the body.

Metal-On-Metal Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing arthroplasty in clinically utilized as an alternative to total hip arthroplasty in patients who are young. In this technique, a metal cap is placed on the top of the bone located within the human thigh to cover the damaged surface of the bone and a metal cup is placed in the acetabulum.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Going For A Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Why might I need a hip replacement surgery?
  • Is hip replacement the best treatment for me right now? What other treatments should I think about?
  • Will I be able to step out without pain? How far?
  • How proficiently does this surgery work for someone my age and with any of the medical problems I may have?
  • How long will the surgery last?

Top Hospital Cost for Hip Replacement Surgery in Bangalore

  1. Columbia Asia Hospital (Hebbal, Bangalore)
  2. Columbia Asia Hospital (Whitfield, Bangalore)
  3. GM Hospital (Nagarbhavi, Bangalore)
  4. Phoenix Hospital (HSR Layout, Bangalore)
  5. Manipal Hospital (Old Airport Road, Bangalore)
  6. BGS Global Hospital (Kengeri, Bangalore)
  7. BGS Global Hospital (Richmond Circle, Bangalore)
  8. People Tree Hospital (Yeswantpur, Bangalore)

Hip Replacement Surgery – Price List

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Hip Replacement Price List

General Ward

Rs. 1,26,750

Semi Special

Rs. 1,36,500


Rs. 1,46,250


Rs. 1,46,250


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