Okay, so you’ve had a hip replacement surgery now what next, how long will it take to heal, what steps should you take and what are the best tips to recover fast?

Hip Replacement

In a hip replacement surgery, a diseased or injured hip socket is removed and new prosthetic components are put in place. A surgeon medically removes the damaged/affected sections of your hip joint and replaces them with components constructed of metal, ceramic or a very hard plastic. This artificial joint helps reducing pain and amends function. The new artificial joint will help make movement easier and will alleviate the pain but the body takes time to heal from the extensive surgery and complete care has to be taken to ensure quick and healthy recovery.

How long does it take to recover from a Hip Replacement Surgery?

A patient usually has to spend 2-3 days in the hospital following the surgery and is provided with walking aids to help indulge in physical activities. A patient should be able to do basic exercise before being discharged. On an average, a patient takes 3 to 6 to return to day to day activities and can take up to 6 months for the wounds to heal completely.

Tips For Recovery:

Recovery is one of the most important periods of a medical procedure and one should be cautious at every step following a medical procedure. Best tips for a speedy recovery from a hip replacement surgery have been listed below.

  • Exercise Routine: A healthy exercise routine is essential for recovering from an injury or medical procedure. A list of home exercises will be prescribed by the doctor following the surgery and should be followed by the patient religiously. Physiotherapy is also advised for people recovering from such ailments.

Exercise for Recovery

  • Medication: Pain relieving medication will be prescribed by the doctor and should be taken as prescribed only. In case of severe pain do not increase the dose without consulting your doctor. Some iron and vitamin supplements might also be prescribed.
  • Physical Activity: Staying active is necessary following a hip replacement surgery but one should take certain precautions while moving.
  1. During the recovery period do not bend your hips past 90 degrees, avoid crossing your legs or twisting them.
  2. Sit in an upright position and avoid soft cushioned chair or sofas.
  3. Do not drive until the doctor allows it.
  4. While lying on the bed lay on your back or keep a pillow between your thighs if lying on the side.
  5. While standing up from a chair or bed be careful, scoot to the edge and avoid putting weight on the operated leg.
  6. Continue using walking aids even after being discharged.
  7. Do not bend or squat while bathing and avoid using bathtubs, use a chair or stool for sitting.
  8. Avoid impact activities.
  • Prepare in advance: Make preparation for home, groceries and commute in advance. Arrange for walking aids if not provided by the hospital, rearrange furniture at home to move around freely. Make your commute arrangements, as you won’t be able to drive yourself. Make arrangements for groceries and keep the things you use regularly at an easily accessible place. One can also opt or inpatient rehabilitation at certain hospitals or get home nursing for the recovery period.
  • Diet and Body Weight: Maintain a healthy diet, as nutrition is the key to recovery and keep your body weight under check as being heavy will only make your movements difficult and will put more pressure on the joint. Drink plenty of fluids but avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Wound Care: Take proper care of the wound by keeping it dry and clean and change the dressing regularly as instructed by the doctor. Ask the doctor how long to wait till you can bathe. Inform the doctor immediately if the wound gets red or starts draining as it might be a sign of infection.
  • Be Optimistic: Every patient responds differently to medication, treatment and recovery procedure, so do not compare yourself with any other patient. Be optimistic, follow doctor’s instructions and you will be back to your swiftly and freely moving self in no time.

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