Why are people using induction stove these days?

In this modern culture, People are replacing induction stove instead of a gas stove for cooking. They are using induction stove due to the insufficient and unavailability of gas which might finishes suddenly as we don’t have a simple way to identify the current volume of gas in the cylinder. And some more people are using if for instant cooking which is almost 50% faster than gas cooking.

How is it functioning?

Induction stove heats the vessels directly, which is made up of ferromagnetic material. A coil (Copper wire) kept under the cooking plate (Ceramic cooking area). Coil produces high-frequency electromagnetic field. When we switch on the induction stove electric current will flow through the coil, which generates an electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field sets electron on vessels and it will send many tiny electric currents to the vessel, this process is called as EDDY current. Hence ceramic plate heats the vessel and vessel’s content (i.e., food). When we remove the vessels automatically heat generation will stop. A sensor is used to detect overheat and de-activation of the power supply and we can control the current waves.

The technology used for cooking:

Induction stove can be used by the following technologies:

  1. ELECTRIC CURRENT, Which is sent to the copper coil.
  2. MAGNETIC FIELD, Which transfers many smaller currents to the vessels.
  3. EDDY CURRENTS, Which produce heat to the vessels.
  4. SENSOR, Which displays the values of the EDDY Currents & we can adjust the heat waves.

Cooking in induction stove – Is it safe?

Induction stove produces low-frequency radiation while cooking. It causes nothing when we operate it a few inches of distance. Those radiations are much more similar to microwave radiation and such radiations will disappear faster. Make sure that you are keeping distances when you are cooking in both the electric units.

For people who use cardiac implants such as a pacemaker (or), defibrillators should use it with more care. There might be some problems for such people as per reports published in “Europace”. If your induction stove is too old and when power fluctuations happen, don’t use metal spoons to stir food when the power is on, there might be chances of getting an electric shock.

Hence, the overall process is so safe and there is no negative effect on food cooked through induction stoves.