Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far” – Thomas Jefferson

There is always been a traditional problem with old age, you can always hear them complaining and wining that their knees always hurt or that they are unable to walk for a long distance.

Have you ever wondered why this is?

It’s an age related issue that causes the joints of the knee to ache severely due to the wear and tear of the joints.

While there are almost 100 types of arthritis problems, the most common one is osteoarthritis.

We must have across this term called arthritis, do we understand it?

The system which is called arthritis literally means inflammation of joints. Arthritis is not a diagnosis in itself; the term is given to acknowledge that something is wrong.

Arthritis causes a lot of pain in the joints, bones and muscles of the body. Sometimes the causes of arthritis is unknown, but a combination of a factor that influence it.

Some factors that may be the cause of arthritis would include an injury which would have taken place, the genetic makeup of your family, abnormal metabolism, some infections could influence or your immune system dysfunction.

knee replacement surgery - reviews and success rate

How to know if you have arthritis?

Many people feel that they have arthritis, and old people accept it as joint pains and that it is a part of ageing.

Arthritis has a tendency to come and go or can start slowly and be mild, and sometimes has a tendency to arise suddenly and cause severe pain.

The classis issue with the symptoms is the problems with joint pains, swelling and feeling of stiffness, or sometimes even the first problem of health which might seem unrelated like fatigue or a rash.

Diagnosis to find out if you have arthritis could be a tricky situation, as it as mentioned above that there are so many types of arthritis, it would be difficult to recognize it.

Some of the Effects of Arthritis may include

Arthritis is the most common form of disability; people with arthritis will have more severe limitations to day to day functionality. It makes it very difficult for people to be physically active and they in some cases become home bound.

Also due to the limited mobility, there are increased chances and risks of obesity, high cholesterol which can lead to a heart problem.

In some cases, it becomes difficult to walk, a cause of stiffness, lack of sleep, leads to muscle ache and pains.

Why you need Knee Replacement Surgery?

There could be many reasons for getting a knee replacement surgery when suggested by doctors. But, one of the many reasons is simply repaired the knee joint which is damaged caused due to osteoarthritis which is part of arthritis. People who are suggested of a knee replacement in India have an issue with walking which includes walking up the stairs, moving after sitting on chair could also include many things. The person could experience an amount of severe pain while they relax also.

Benefits of Knee Replacements

The best reason to do this treatment is to improve the pain relief which results in the quality of life.

The main benefits of knee replacement are to aid an increase in mobility and help in the decreasing the level of pain who have an injured or an arthritic knee joint. According to reports, it is likely that more than 90% of people who have has a knee replacement surgery will tend to have an improved feeling or experience in feeling less pain and promote greater mobility after such a surgery.

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How successful are Knee Replacements

According to the surgeon, they feel that knee surgery is highly successful which see patients extremely satisfied. There is no age-related restriction for getting a knee replacement. Doctors feel that they recommend the surgery based on the patients pain and his disability, rather than his age.

More than 90% of people are satisfied with the result of knee replacement surgery even after a year of doing the treatment. Surgeons suggest that knee replacement tends to improve health and life expectancy.

Knee Replacement Surgery Reviews Bangalore

Mr. Balaji Kumar
If there is a place which I love to be in is a tennis court, I spends hours playing the sport. I have always lived an active life and have been fit. But when I came to know that I hadosteoarthritis it came as a shock, the pain left me weaker. Then a friend told me to check Bookmyscans as they special offers for senior citizens for consultation with a doctor regarding a knee replacement surgery, but I was optimistic about it felling that I might be a burden on others. So I tried an alternative procedure like oil massage and ayurvedic treatment but I got only temporary relief. It stated to get worse I couldn’t stand even for 15 minutes. Then my family assured me that the surgery was safe. I met a joint specialist doctor, and I came to know I have advanced osteoarthritis disease. I would like to thank Dr. Amar Prashant for guiding me through the whole process and giving me the option the viable treatment for me. I feel so much better now and can spend hours of time playing the sport I love. Thank you Bookmyscans !

Mrs. RekhaNashik

My father introduced me to music, and held my hand to take me to music classes. Today I’m a professional musicians, my routine was to sit on the floor for 3-4 hours as I play the veena. It is physically challenging, but that was my passion. So when my knees started to hurt, I couldn’t stand or sit without any support and I had stopped performing on stage. When I was gone to see a performance, I ran into a friend, he asked me when are we going to see you on stage, my heart skipped a beat. I had to do something; I did a google search and then came across Bookmyscans for surgery to the knees. They helped to book an appointment with a specialist doctor for joints and bones. Today I can successful say that it was the best decision of my life, I can go back to my passion and perform like how I was doing before. I feel really grateful that I got a second chance in life.

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