Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI Scan is a non-invasive method of radiology that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to capture the images of the bones, muscles, soft tissues and other parts of the body.  The MRI Scan machine is attached to the computer to read the images and draw a conclusion over the results.

Health Issues of Delhi

Delhi is India’s National Capital and also a union territory. It is the most widespread city in India. It covers almost 1,484 square kilometres. The population of the city is estimated to be 27 million, making it the second most crowded city after Mumbai. Delhi faces extremes of its climates, it gets extensively hot in the summers, and winters bring people to death.

People of Delhi face a lot of pollution issues. The city’s polluted toxic air has resulted in health issues like allergies, respiratory problems, birth malformations and increased incidence of cancer. The reason behind this is that Delhi is a transport platform and there are more than 8 million vehicles on road already. Additional to this the huge apartments burning diesel generators are also contributing to this pollution. All these factors add to the ill health of the people. Healthcare management in such situations is a must.

Importance of MRI Scan in Delhi

Healthcare is a very important component for the functioning of a society. Delhi being heavily populated and widely spread creates challenges in all the areas, including the healthcare delivery system. The existing pollution problems has given rise to many chronic diseases like ischemic heart disease, Stroke, Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease, lunch cancer, respiratory infections and many more.

With prevalence of such chronic diseases, MRI becomes a very important tool to help doctors detect diseases at an early stage and accordingly plan the treatment. MRI helps detect abnormalities of

  1. Brain and Spinal cord
  2. Bones and Joints
  3. Tumors and cysts
  4. Heart problems
  5. Diseases of the liver and other abdominal organs
  6. Pelvic pain, fibroids and endometriosis (specially in women)
  7. Uterine and also evaluation for infertility

Cost of MRI Scan in Delhi

Delhi has a crumbling healthcare system and needs rework on it. It is very important that the healthcare services reach everybody. Since MRI is a very important tool that helps in early detection of diseases and also is a very expensive test, it has to be made accessible to all. The Government of India has been working towards the same.

The actual cost for MRI Scan in Delhi ranges between INR 6000 to INR 25,000. The cost of a Contrast MRI Scan is a little higher than that of a regular MRI scan. A full body MRI scan may cost you anything between INR 20,000 to INR 25,000. And a MRI scan for a single body part like head, hand, chest, leg, spine, nose, PNS, brain, neck, knee, foot, ankle joint, fingers, shoulder and wrist may cost you anywhere between INR 6,000 and INR 18,000.

“Delhi residents can avail free MRI, CT scan tests at 21 labs”, said the Delhi Health Minister, Satyendra Jain on the 22nd Foundation Day of Delhi government’s Forensic Science Laboratory. This was a much needed step to revamp the healthcare system in Delhi. Residents can use the referral letter from the selected 30 government hospitals and 23 state-run polyclinics to avail this free service. “The Delhi government has also signed an agreement with 21 private laboratories to provide this service”, added the Health Minister.   

But with the uncontrolled patient population and radiological needs, still it is not enough for all people who need to overcome serious health issues without waiting in queues for a long time to get their MRI scan appointments in delhi.

How do you get through this online?

There have been complaints that most of the public hospitals do not have facilities that meet the high end diagnostics need of the patients and the one’s which are available aren’t in a working condition most of the times. There is a waiting time for every test like Ultrasound, CT and MRI. There is only one government hospital with MRI Scan facility and that is Lok Nayak hospital. Sounds terrible! Isn’t it?

MRI Scan Cost in Delhi

Scan Name Prices
MRI head scan cost Rs.2500
MRI abdomen scan cost Rs.2500
MRI abdomen and pelvis scan cost Rs.5000
MRI single hand scan cost Rs.2500
MRI chest scan cost Rs.2500
MRI single leg scan cost Rs.2500
MRI ls spine scan cost Rs.2500
MRI lumbar spine scan cost Rs.2500
MRI lumbo sacral spine scan cost Rs.2500
MRI nose scan cost Rs.2500
MRI PNS scan cost Rs.2500
MRI brain scan cost Rs.2500
MRI anus scan cost Rs.2500
MRI orbits scan cost Rs.2500
MRI knee scan cost Rs.2500
MRI foot scan cost Rs.2500
MRI ankle joint Rs.2500
MRI fingers scan cost Rs.2500
MRI shoulder scan cost Rs.2500
MRI wrist scan cost Rs.2500
MRI temporal bone scan cost Rs.2500

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