MRI Scan Cost in Delhi

Some of the MRI Scan centres in Delhi may charge more than 100-300% from actual MRI scan cost. MRI scan cost in Delhi varies at each centre based on the type of scan machine (1.5/3 Tesla) used by the MRI scan centers in delhi, contrast (chemical injected into our body for better clarity of MRI scan images). MRI abdomen & pelvis scans are usually costlier than other MRI scans as it involved 2-3 studies. Some of the MRI scan centres in Delhi are more expensive than you believe even for a normal MRI scan. You have to be more conscious about choosing the best MRI scan centre.


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Some scans are more cheaper. At lowest price, you can do an MRI Brain scan without contrast in Delhi for Rs.3500, but again it’s about the scan centre you visit. You have to consider the fact that there is no standard price for MRI scans in Delhi and all the scan centres are not transparent on their price list.

You can do a MRI brain scan in Delhi from Rs.2850 to Rs.9500, MRI abdominal & pelvis scans from Rs.6,000 to Rs.14,000. For MRI chest scan it will be of Rs.6500. But all these scan prices are not constant, it changes each time, which is entirely controlled by the scan centres in terms of quality and the patient’s requirement.

MRI Scan prices in delhi

Scan Name Prices
MRI head scan cost Rs.2500
MRI abdomen scan cost Rs.2500
MRI abdomen and pelvis scan cost Rs.5000
MRI single hand scan cost Rs.2500
MRI chest scan cost Rs.2500
MRI single leg scan cost Rs.2500
MRI ls spine scan cost Rs.2500
MRI lumbar spine scan cost Rs.2500
MRI lumbo sacral spine scan cost Rs.2500
MRI nose scan cost Rs.2500
MRI PNS scan cost Rs.2500
MRI brain scan cost Rs.2500
MRI anus scan cost Rs.2500
MRI orbits scan cost Rs.2500
MRI knee scan cost Rs.2500
MRI foot scan cost Rs.2500
MRI ankle joint Rs.2500
MRI fingers scan cost Rs.2500
MRI shoulder scan cost Rs.2500
MRI wrist scan cost Rs.2500
MRI temporal bone scan cost Rs.2500

Diseases & Health Problems in Delhi

Recently WHO released its shocking assessment which states 25% of Indians are at risk of premature death due to NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) and the widespread NCDs in India are Diabetes, Cancer, Chronic respiratory diseases and cardio related diseases. And the shocking truth with whooping statistic released by them says there were about 63 Million diabetes patients in 2013 and it is projected to grow up to 101.2 million in the next 15 years.

Due to the increased usage of tobacco-related products, deaths in Delhi are about to be doubled within 2030.  In Delhi’s population, 15.11% are suffering from diabetes and 14.29% from obesity. Preventive health checkups and early detection through MRI Scans can help in effective treatment and increases life expectancy.


Why MRI tests are done?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses big and powerful magnets which creates strong magnetic field and radio waves to capture pictures of internal structures and organs of our body. MRI scans are one of the extremely accurate imaging methods to detect diseases in our body. In diagnosis of certain structures/conditions cases, MRI Scans are more accurate as compared to CT, X-Ray & Ultrasound scans.MRI scans are able to detect bleeding, swelling and most of the abnormal tissues in any part of our body and produces accurate images of the same.

MRI scans are particularly used to identify the abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord. To identify the tumors, cysts, abnormalities, injuries in the joints, specific heart problems, common diseases in liver& other abdominal parts. MRI Scans are most commonly used in women’s reproductive problems on identifying the causes for pelvic pains which are usually caused due to fibroids &endometriosis and other uterine abnormalities. Male prostate cancer and other problems in the reproductive organs can be accurately detected by MRI scans.

MRI scans are able to provide detailed information about glands within the abdomen and accurate information about soft tissues & bones in that area. As it gives detailed pictures, it is able to detect how much the diseases are spread around the tumorous tissues with its size & texture. One of the major advantages of MRI scans is that 99% of the scans don’t have any side effects as compared to X-ray radiation based CT scans.

Types of MRI Scans

MRI scans are usually diagnosed for Abdomen, Adrenal Glands, Appendix, Back, Bile Ducts, Bladder, Blood Vessels, Bone, Bowel, Brain, Breast, Cervical Spine, Cervix, Chest, Disc, Fallopian Tube, Fetus, Full Body, Gallbladder, Head, Heart, Joint, Kidney, Liver, Lumbar, Lymph Nodes, MRA, Neck, Ovaries, Pancreas, Pelvis, Penis, Prostate, Scrotum, Shoulder, Spine, Spleen, Testicles, Tumor, Urethra, Uterus, Vertebrae, Whole Body.

MRI head Scan in Delhi:

MRI scans for the head can detect tumours, bleeding and an aneurysm in the brain. It can also detect the nerve injury and related problems caused by a stroke. Infections of the brain, hormonal disorders such as acromegaly, galactorrhea &Cushing syndrome are been accurately detected through this scan.

MRI head scans are also helpful in identifying the muscle weakness or numbness in head, hearing loss, certain headaches, problems with eyes & optic nerves, dementia and behavioural change with speaking difficulties.


MRI Chest Scan in Delhi:

Chest MRI is most commonly used for assessing the proper functioning of the heart and its blood flow. It can also be used for identifying the abnormal tumours/cancers with its size, position and extent of severity.

In order to accurately assess the function of heart valves and blood vessels, Chest MRI scans provide detailed images of such regions and any kind of structures within the chest cavity. In some cases after the mammography, MRI chest scans can help the physicians to diagnose the breast tissues in detail.

MRA in Delhi (Magnetic Resonance Angiography):

MRA scan uses the powerful magnetic field and radio frequency waves throughout the body where the images of major arteries will be captured. It might be performed with or without contrast material where most commonly used contrast agent gadolinium is placed in your vein through a catheter. MRA scan is usually performed to identify the proper blood flow in arteries and veins.

It examines the blood vessels of brain, neck, heart, chest, pelvis, legs, feet, arms & hands. With the MRA scans, physicians can find the abnormalities like aneurysms in the aorta, plaque disease in carotid artery located near the neck, detection of atherosclerotic disease, kidney diseases, injuries of arteries, tumor detection and all kinds of obstructions in blood vessels.


MRI Abdomen Scan in Delhi:

MRI Scans for abdomen can detect the problems in the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys.  It can find the blockages in those organs, tumors, bleeding and any birth abnormalities.

MRI abdomen scans are more helpful prior to surgeries and for patients who are receiving/giving organ transplants.

MRI Pelvis Scan in Delhi:

Pelvis MRI scans produce images between the areas of two hip bones which are commonly called as pelvic area. It generates accurate pictures of structures near to pelvis like bladder, male/female reproductive organs, lymph nodes & pelvic bones.

Pelvis MRI scans are widely used for diagnosing uterus, ovaries and prostate in males.

MRI for Bone and Joints in Delhi:

For decreased motion and increased pain in particular joints& bones, MRI bone/joint scans are usually performed to detect the abnormal tissues like tumors and cancers.

It is commonly helpful in detecting the bone related problems such as arthritis, bone marrow density/abnormal cells, torn ligaments and infections. The quality of MRI bone/joint scans are quite accurate and helpful to plan for the easier treatment as compared to traditional X-rays.

MRI Spine in Delhi:

Spine MRI’s captures the images of discs and nerves of the spinal cord to detect abnormal conditions such as spinal stenosis, tumors and bulges.

MRI Spine scans can find out the inflammation on spinal cord, spinal nerves and assists physicians for surgery and monitoring the spine.

MRI Equipment & Manufacturers

MRI Scanners contains strong magnets which rotate around your body to capture the detailed images of internal structures. Tesla (T) is the measurement unit which quantifies the strength of magnetic fields generated by such MRI scanners. The Image quality of a MRI scanner is determined by its strength of radio signals and magnetic fields. Most popular MRI scanners available in the market are 1.5 Tesla & 3 Tesla where 3T MRI machine generates extremely clear images and the scan duration is quite faster than 1.5T MRI scanners.

Usually patient’s can hear a whirring sound while they undergo MRI scans. Hence some additional heat & noise is higher in 3T as compare to 1.5T MRI machines. Globally, 1.5 Tesla machines are the most used in standard MRI scanners.

Closed vs Open MRI

Closed MRI machines are a system with tube kind of structure. It produces in-depth pictures with high resolution whereas the imaging precision of Open MRI scanners can be a little fuzzy but it is more comfortable for patients as compared to Closed MRI machines. There is a condition in some patients called claustrophobia where they usually suffer from a strange fear when being enclosed in a small space or room and having no escape.  Open MRI scanners are recommended for such claustrophobia patients & children/senior patients. Even such claustrophobia patients can wear headphones to overcome the whirr sound of MRI scan machines.

Leading Manufacturers of MRI scanners              

Top Myths about MRI Scans in Delhi

Myth: Radiation Exposure from MRIs creates multiple side effects

Real fact: People always worry about the radiation side effects when it comes to radio imaging. But, the fear originated in earlier years where they undergo first time diagnosis using basic CT & MRI scanners. But, these days, things changed and the diagnostic centers are digitalized & the amount of radiation used on any scanners is very low. MRI Scanners use magnetic fields with radio signals for imaging the internal body structures, hence there is no any radiation emitted and no need of worrying about MRI scans appointments.


Myth: MRIs are only good for Body Injuries

Real fact: MRI Scans are popularly used by professional athlete injuries; it doesn’t mean it is only for soft tissues like musculoskeletal injuries. It is also used for assessing mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and bipolar disorders. With new advancements in MRI scan machines, it can also detect abnormalities of nerve paths in brain & identifies certain cancer cells with its impact.


Myth: MRI machines are dangerous and causes injuries

Real fact: It has strong magnets and when you wear such magnetic objects or objects that become magnetic it might be a bit painful. But nothing to worry, you will be examined and radiologists confirm whether you are eligible for MRI scans. And if you wear any kind of internal devices like pacemakers or some other medical implants, you have to inform the radiologists before undergoing MRI Scans. Trained radiologists will guide on how to tackle on such situations and there are special advancements on undergoing MRI scans even if you have such medical implants.


Myth: We can identify which part of the brain is functioning well (functions like reading, writing, memory, creativity)

Real fact: In general, radiologists are able to interpret the scan reports right after the MRI scanners generated images. But, looking at brain function is a kind of separate issue and such type of scan might differ. You can identify some critical conditions like memory loss or something like that. Hence, it is a kind of experimental research work and not about diagnosis where you will not be able to identify it properly. Many scientists are actually doing research work with functional MRI’s and it is not able to identify the brain functional things like reading, writing, memory, creativity under diagnosis MRI Scans.

Myth: MRI Machines affect Tattoos

Real Fact: What is more important than your health? The above myth is partially true, but not all tattoos are affected with MRI scans. If you have tattoos, you have to check with the radiologists about the risks. Some women use permanent metallic tattoos in their eye lines for cosmetic purpose where in such case problem arises while undergoing MRI scans. If your tattoo inks don’t have metallic inks, then there is no problem for doing MRI Scans.


Myth: Claustrophobic people can’t do an MRI

Real Fact: Some people are more nervous than usual and they are claustrophobic when they are getting inside the tube like MRI machines. There are open MRI’s in the Scan centers, but even if you are in a situation to undergo closed MRI scans, you don’t need to worry about that. Radiologists will always communicate with you and in order to get rid of hearing Whirr sounds of MRI machines, you will be connected to headphones with soft music. Hence claustrophobic patients can also undergo MRI Scans.


Myth: Contrast MRI scans damage kidneys

Real Fact: The contrast agent used for detailed MRI scans are very mild and it is safe when it is filtered by the kidneys. But, if you had any history of kidney problem or if you take any medications for it, then radiologists will suggest you the alternate diagnosis method. Otherwise, nothing to worry about taking such contrast material for detailed MRI Scans.

How to relieve from MRI claustrophobia?

While undergoing MRI lumbar spine scans MRI cervical spines, MRI Shoulders, MRI abdomen, MRI pelvic exams and MRI Chest exams, the patient has to be in the middle of the MRI scan machine where even normal patients who are not claustrophobic, would feel the loud bumping sounds, clanging and knocking noises. Also, the patient has to hold breath as per the instruction of radiologists and they are restricted with their movements which are the major factors affecting claustrophobia patients to undergo a normal MRI scan.

If you are claustrophobic, then better to bring a relative or friend with you which can give you some sort of personal confidence before getting inside the MRI scanners.

Ask questions to your technician about all kind of doubts and clarifications and they explain you well on what happens while you are into MRI scan machines and they may even give you the squeeze balls to relieve anxiety. So, try to speak up with whatever questions you have in your mind.

Also the patients have an option to wear headphones where they can listen to soft music and there by overcoming the MRI scan machine noise. But, for some kind of MRI scans wearing headphones are restricted as it can create some kind of interference during the scan. All such things will be conveyed by your radiologists and they will take care of you with the experienced consultation.

Also, after checking patient’s health condition, physicians may prescribe some anxiety relieving medications such as Xanax or Valium which would calm the nerves of the patients.

In order to overcome such conditions, MRI manufacturers invented the open MRI scan machines which would help claustrophobic patients are able to view the outside environment which would help them to feel that they are surrounded with their people and nothing to worry on the MRI scan noise. Nothing to worry as the entire scanning procedure is fixed for specific time duration and modern day MRI scan machines has the huge reduction of noise which gives you more comfort than usual.

MRI Scan benefits & Risks


  • MRI scans are frequently used for diagnosing soft tissues in cartilage, ligaments and soft organs like heart, brain & detailed view on abdominal structures.
  • No fear of radiation exposure as compared to other scans. Magnetic pulses and radio waves are used during MRI scans and are very safe for children & pregnant women.
  • It can also provide more detailed information about the blood circulation and blood vessels, thereby identifies all the problems related to it.
  • It is also more helpful in determining the spread of cancer and its impact
  • MRI contrast agents are less allergic as compared to the contrast materials used in other scans.
  • For brain and spinal problems, MRI scans are usually preferred than any other scans.


As we explained in the ‘top myths about MRI scans’, there is no fearful risks involved when it comes to MRI scans. It is very safe. Let’s have a detailed look here:

Metal Objects:  The magnetic fields used in MRI scans attract the metal objects if you wear them during scans. Some patients may use the medical implants like pacemakers, defibrillator device, cochlear implants which might get malfunctioned during MRI scans.

During pregnancy: For pregnant women, ultrasound and MRI scans are preferred as others have radiation which might affect the fetus. But, usually pregnant women are usually recommended to undergo MRI scans after the third month of pregnancy and for non-urgent scans; it may be postponed in some cases.

Contrast media: Lot of myths on MRI scans tells that contrast material is very dangerous and it may cause severe allergic reactions such as swelling of the lips, rashes, nausea and so on. But before giving the contrast media, radiologists will clearly diagnose if the patient has any previous health problems and is there medications are taken/continued by them. Based on their diagnosis, they will assure for the patient whether the contrast material is safe for them or not. Hence, there is nothing to worry about taking contrast media for MRI scans.

Not able to find cancers: Yes, it is right that MRI is not helpful to diagnose all kind of cancers, but each device has its own purpose and limitations. Hence, MRI has its own advantages which are restricted for some other diagnostic needs. PET-CT Scans are usually considered for cancer identification and diagnosis.

Scan Duration & claustrophobic: For claustrophobia patients, there are open MRIs available in some scan centers and also based on the scan type they are allowed to wear headphones which might also help  the patients to get rid of the noises generated by the MRI scan machines.

Popular MRI Scan centres in Delhi

All the diagnostic centres in Delhi have to abide the rules and regulations controlled by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) of India. MRI scan machines used by the diagnostic imaging centres in Delhi are periodically assessed for their performance and monitored regularly if there any negative impacts on patients.  All these audits will be done by AERB.

How to choose best MRI Scan centers in Delhi?

Before finding the best MRI scan centres in Delhi, you have to be very clear on the kind of MRI scan you actually need to undergo recommended by your physician. Even if you are suffering from severe ailments and in an urge to do a quick scan, don’t rush to your nearest MRI scan center immediately. You have a great option to compare the MRI scan prices online through which is an online diagnostic scan booking portal.

Comparing MRI scan prices with is very easy and it has the accurate scan prices which were directly updated by the respective mri scan centers in Delhi. The most important benefit with is that you can save up to 72% cost from the regular MRI scan prices. Even if you have planned to visit your nearest scan centre, try to check in Most of the scan centres listed there will be your nearest scan centre. Also, before going to MRI scan centre, you can even the see the scan machines used by them through BookMyScans

After comparing the mri scan prices, you can schedule your own time and directly book the MRI scans through BookMyScans thereby avoiding long queues. Also, you don’t need to wait for the diagnosis reports to start your treatments; provides you the option for receiving scan reports online and start your treatment procedure right away.