MRI Scan Cost in bangalore 

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Scan Name Prices
MRI head scan cost Rs.3150
MRI abdomen scan cost Rs.3500
MRI pelvis scan cost Rs.3150
MRI single hand scan cost Rs.3150
MRI chest scan cost Rs.3150
MRI single leg scan cost Rs.3150
MRI ls spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI lumbar spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI lumbo sacral spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI nose scan cost Rs.3150
MRI PNS scan cost Rs.3150
MRI brain scan cost Rs.3150
MRI anus scan cost Rs.3150
MRI orbits scan cost Rs.3150
MRI knee scan cost Rs.3150
MRI foot scan cost Rs.3150
MRI ankle joint Rs.3150
MRI fingers scan cost Rs.3150
MRI shoulder scan cost Rs.3150
MRI wrist scan cost Rs.3150
MRI temporal bone scan cost Rs.3150


Some common questions raised by people who are looking for MRI Scans in Bangalore

  • What is the cost for MRI Scans in Bangalore?
  • Which is the cheapest MRI scan center in Bangalore?
  • Where should I do the MRI Scans in Bangalore?
  • Which is the best MRI scan center in Bangalore?

Yes, people are trying to find out the ways to get their MRI Scans done at lowest cost in Bangalore. Due to the increased scan machine maintenance expenses and new scan machine arrivals, Some MRI scan centres in Bangalore are fixing the MRI scan prices in their own way.

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Hence, the MRI scan cost is 3-4 times higher or sometimes lesser in most of the centres of Bangalore. The diagnostic scan innovation is really a true gift for the society where they can diagnose their medical condition and begin their treatments at the earliest.

But, when the MRI scan cost burden hits the common man, they are not willing to do diagnostic scans which results in serious health issues for our society. Most of the MRI scans in Bangalore are still costlier than their monthly salary, hence it is quite difficult for a tightly budget dependent common man to spend their money for their health ailments alone.

Then, what will be the solution? Yes, doing the high quality MRI Scans @ affordable cost and which should be acceptable by any physician is our expected solution. As you know, MRI scan prices are not that much transparent in every center until you visit the scan center and show the prescription. It is not possible for you to reach all the scan centers and show your prescription for knowing the exact scan cost.

Instead, try – where you can get the exact MRI scan cost in Bangalore and we suggest you the nearest scan centers tied up with us who offer lowest price for MRI scans with highest quality.

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