MRI Scan Cost in Bangalore

Scan Name Prices
MRI head scan cost Rs.3150
MRI abdomen scan cost Rs.3500
MRI pelvis scan cost Rs.3150
MRI single hand scan cost Rs.3150
MRI chest scan cost Rs.3150
MRI single leg scan cost Rs.3150
MRI ls spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI lumbar spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI lumbo sacral spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI nose scan cost Rs.3150
MRI PNS scan cost Rs.3150
MRI brain scan cost Rs.3150
MRI anus scan cost Rs.3150
MRI orbits scan cost Rs.3150
MRI knee scan cost Rs.3150
MRI foot scan cost Rs.3150
MRI ankle joint Rs.3150
MRI fingers scan cost Rs.3150
MRI shoulder scan cost Rs.3150
MRI wrist scan cost Rs.3150
MRI temporal bone scan cost Rs.3150


A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan is a test performed in radiology that is widely practiced to diagnose the internal body parts including brain, heart, kidneys, spinal cord, bones, joints, blood vessels, breasts and other internal organs. This technique of diagnosis is noninvasive and uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to capture high quality images for reporting.


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People and Healthcare in Bangalore

With an estimated approximate population of 11.5 million, Bangalore is the fifth most crowded cities in India. Increasing population, pollution and waste around are giving rise to many of the common and chronic diseases among people of Bangalore. Timely detection of these chronic diseases makes a great difference in saving the huge expenditure made by an individual in treating these diseases. There is an increasing demand for the healthcare services and Bangalore has made huge advancements in the healthcare services industry to meet this demand. Hence, it is one of the preferred destinations for healthcare services in India.

Traditional vs Online MRI Scan booking in Bangalore

Traditional method of appointment scheduling has been a pen and paper process. Before this process was digitalized, patients had to queue up, wait, book an appointment and then meet the doctor or get a test done. There used to be steady stream of phone calls that a receptionist used to attend and note down the name and number of the patient to book an appointment. This process is cumbersome and time-consuming. It needs a constant manual management and has greater rate of inefficiency.

With increase in the demand for healthcare services, there also rises the need to get this process digitalized. Bangalore being the IT hub, waiting is just not acceptable. Online appointment scheduling is the new trend that’s helping patients with convenience, ease and accessibility. Patients these days not only want it, but expect it. This process has also helped in easing the process of re-scheduling and reduced the no-shows drastically. Patients have an improved connection with the health care provider and it helps in monetary savings too. Saving information and managing it also becomes easier on this platform.

Standard MRI scan cost in Bangalore

When we say MRI scan one thing that strikes our mind is the cost. MRI is one of the high priced diagnostics, usually prescribed to diagnose health issues pertaining heart, brain or head, hand, chest, single leg, ls spine , lumbar spine and lumbo sacral spine, nose, PNS, neck, anus, orbits, knee, foot and other joints, bones, pelvis and abdomen. The cost of these MRI scans varies from the center you choose to go and the body part to be scanned.

Patients are finding out ways to get their MRI Scans done at the lowest cost in Bangalore. It is very difficult for a tight budget family to meet a sudden need of MRI Scan in Bangalore. The standard cost for a MRI scan in Bangalore ranges between INR 7,000 to INR 15,000. The good news is that the Association of Diagnostics Center Bengaluru (ADCB) announced the decision to capsize the test rates in March 2017. According to the announcement, 33 major diagnostic centers in the city will provide the tests at a reduced and uniform rate. It is a little difficult for the hospitals to follow this as they have high overhead expenses.


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BookmyScans is one platform where you can find the best quality MRI scan service providers at the best discounted price. BookmyScans partners with MRI scan centers in bangalore which meet the regulatory requirements and are AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) approved. In addition to this the centers need to be ISO and (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified. Bookmyscans periodically audits this list of MRI scan centers to ensure patients get the best quality services consistently and they meet the market standard of technical competence.

You can schedule an appointment anytime of the day as they run round the clock and save money with the discounted prices we offer. This helps the service providers to improve their services and the patients by offering them greater choice and convenience in turn improving patient’s trust and loyalty on the service provider. You can book any single part MRI scans in Bangalore @ Just Rs.3150 to Rs.3999. So, book now, and save your time, money and health of course!

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