MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and uses magnetic fields and radio waves to determine an accurate diagnosis of the anatomy of your body. It gives a clear picture of the muscles, organs and bones in the body. It is highly useful for diagnosis of medical issues.

How to fix MRI Scan appointments online?

With the increasing need for healthcare services, the number of patients wanting to seek hospitals and medical facilities increase too. The processes and procedures are getting more challenging for both, the hospital management and the patients. One of these processes is booking and scheduling appointments. In today’s information space, patients can easily connect to the internet to book online appointments. There are several online portals and applications available like to book and schedule appointments online. They also come with benefits like well qualified partnered centers, price list with comparisons and good discounts, lesser waiting time, automated email and text message reminders and an easy access to the reports as well.

What is the actual MRI scan cost in Hyderabad?

MRI is not a simple medical procedure for diagnosis. It uses magnetic fields and radio waves to capture images of the organs and soft tissues of the body. The need for minute details raises the need for a high technology machine to perform the tasks. Higher the technology of the machine, greater is the cost of it. The MRI scan procedure falls under one of the expensive health check – ups in the list. Most of the Scan centers in Hyderabad are equipped with 1.5T MRI Scan Machine and few others with a higher version of 3T. The cost of the Scans vary across different scan centers, depending on the center you choose and the kind of MRI you are advised. The cost of MRI Scan in Hyderabad varies between INR 6,000 to INR 14,000 depending on the MRI with or without Contrast.

The approximate market cost of MRI Brain scan is INR 7,000 with 1.5T and INR 10,500 with 3T.  The cost for MRI single hand scan, single leg scan, ls and lr spine scan, lumbar and lumbo sacral spine scan, nose, PNS and neck scan, anus and orbits scan, MRI foot, ankle joint and fingers scan, shoulder (Single) scan, wrist scan, temporal bone, pelvis scan and chest scan is around INR 7000 – INR 8000, which is the standard market rate. And the cost for MRI knee scan, Whole spine scan and Whole abdomen scan will range between INR 9,000 – INR 14,000. Every contrast scan will cost approximate INR 3,000 more than the MRI Scan without contrast.

Difference between Traditional vs Online Scan booking

Scheduling and managing appointments is an important task when it comes to a health care service provider. Traditionally this has been a pen to paper process and is not as simple as it seems. It has been a tedious task and requires significant time and staff to properly manage and complete this task with limited hours of operations. On the other hand it is also difficult for the patients as they need to visit the center first, queue up and then book an appointment for themselves. The long hours of waiting results in loss of patience and patients!

Today, where everybody is tech savvy and in the web connected society, the online appointment scheduling process has become most effective and efficient way to manage the intense flow of the patients. It is not only easy, but is also highly accessible and helps the health care provider to stay connected to their patients, resulting in time and monetary savings. This system is also helpful in information management and there is a single platform where information can be saved, updated, managed and analyzed. This system also helps in rebooking, rescheduling and manage cancellations.

Why should you try BookMyScans?

BookmyScans partners with the best diagnostic centers across the country and helps you get the appointments scheduled online easily. We partner only with centers that are approved by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) for running the laboratory and which are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) Certified. We make sure our partners are certified for delivering consistent level of quality services and promise to maintain the high efficiency technical competence for testing.

Our customers can expect easy scheduling, round the clock. We provide you the best prices in the city with many discounted offers and ensure that our partners are equipped with standard equipments. You can do any single part MRI scan in Hyderabad for just Rs.3150. The list of the scan centers we provide are regularly audited and you can rely on us for the best quality results. So, no more waiting, just schedule and get your reports accessed easily online.

MRI Scan Cost in Hyderabad

Scan Name Prices
MRI head scan cost Rs.3150
MRI abdomen scan cost Rs.3500
MRI pelvis scan cost Rs.3150
MRI single hand scan cost Rs.3150
MRI chest scan cost Rs.3150
MRI single leg scan cost Rs.3150
MRI ls spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI lumbar spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI lumbo sacral spine scan cost Rs.3150
MRI nose scan cost Rs.3150
MRI PNS scan cost Rs.3150
MRI brain scan cost Rs.3150
MRI anus scan cost Rs.3150
MRI orbits scan cost Rs.3150
MRI knee scan cost Rs.3150
MRI foot scan cost Rs.3150
MRI ankle joint Rs.3150
MRI fingers scan cost Rs.3150
MRI shoulder scan cost Rs.3150
MRI wrist scan cost Rs.3150
MRI temporal bone scan cost Rs.3150

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