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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) combined with computed tomography (CT) is generally known as PET CT Scan. This is a form of nuclear imaging technique that helps in the diagnosis or test that allows the physician to fetch information about the functioning and the structure of the cells and tissues of a human body. The scan uses special solution of radioactive material and glucose that is injected into the veins of the patient. The PET CT Scanner can easily trace the working of the organs and the tissues as the organs absorb the radioactive glucose solution. Apart from the functioning of organs and tissues, the PET CT scan also helps measure the blood flow, oxygen use and how your body uses sugar.

PET CT scan is a high end technology imaging that helps detect cancerous tissues and cells in the body which are usually not found by CT or MRI scans.  Apart from Cancer, the PET CT Scan is commonly used to detect heart problems, brain disorders and problems with the central nervous system.

How PET CT scans are helpful in cancer diagnosis?

In the list of chronic and life threatening diseases “Cancer” tops the list. Diagnosis and treatment of such a dangerous disease at the right time can save a life. When the cells in the human body grow, divide and produce more cells as and when necessary, the body is healthy and functions properly. But, when the cells in the human body grow hysterically cancer occurs. During this, the cells in the human body keep growing and diving even when it is not needed and the mass of these extra cells forms a growth. This is also called a tumor. These can be benign or malignant. In most cases benign tumors can be removed, are usually not life threatening and they do not even return most of the times. But in malignant tumors, the cells divide abnormally and without control which might broke and gets spreading to other parts of the body. These tumors are cancerous and life threatening.

PET CT Scanners have become essential and important diagnostic tools that are being widely used these days for cancer detection. These machines were commercially introduced in 2002. There are numerous uses of this machine. The use of this machine started as a research project. It was observed that malignant cells have a high glycolytic rate and increased cellular glucose uptake. Hence a biochemical procedure of inserting the radioactive glucose F-18 FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) in the veins of the patient’s body was introduced.  The cells and tissues that absorb the radioactive glucose can be easily traced under a PET CT Scanner using a high resolution gamma camera and this helps the doctors to detect the cancer. It helps to point out the source of cancer accurately and to check whether the cancer is affected in one particular area or got spread to other organs.

PET CT scan is also useful in determining the size of the tumor and post detection, it is helpful in planning the treatment strategy, monitor whether the treatment is working or not and detect if the cancer has returned. Follow up PET-CT scans may usually have limitations after having completed cancer treatments and in absence of symptoms. The test may find health problems that are not serious leading to more tests and procedures.

Full body PET CT scans vs single part scan

PET CT scan has been widely practiced in Oncology (97%) to detect and manage a wide variety of cancers; especially the solid tumors. The other application is found in Infection (2%) and cardiology (1%). Full body PET CT scans gives the doctor a transparent view of the cells and tissues of the entire human body. This is usually advised for patients who are suffering from polytrauma (a medical term used to describe the condition of a patient who has suffered serious injuries). Full body PET CT scan helps discover many possible malignant cells and tissues when compared to a single part PET CT Scan. A single part PET CT scan may not spot the cancerous cells and tissues in the other parts of the body.

Cancer is a chronic health problem. The cancerous cells usually develop chaotically and abundantly in the patient’s body. The cells usually spread very easily to the other organs and tissues of the body. Hence, once your physician is suspecting cancer, it is very important to have a full body PET CT scan just to make sure that the disease is detected at the right time. This helps in knowing the location of the cancer, its severity and malignancy and if the cancer cells have spread to the other organs of the body.

A Full Body PET CT scan is always useful and has the potential of identifying a life threatening disease like cancer at an early stage. An early detection can always help in right time treatment planning, improve the success of therapeutic efforts and also help in improving the quality of the patient’s life to an extent. This is also helpful in reducing the chances of premature deaths. A full body PET CT scan is not just limited to diagnose cancer, but also other health problems like heart problems, brain disorders and problems with the central nervous systems. It helps you provide detail diagnosis for coronary artery disease, brain tumors, memory disorders like Alzheimer’s, seizures and more. When the patient opts for a full body PET CT scan, there is a possibility of identifying these listed health problems at an early stage even in the absence of the symptoms, because “Prevention is better than cure”.

Quality of PET CT scan centers in Hyderabad

In the last 10 – 15 years, after the PET CT scanners were introduced commercially, these machines have proved to be highly effective in management of wide variety of cancers, particularly solid tumors in the field of oncology. PET CT Scan is a highly technical imaging radiology test that has improved image interpretations in most of the patients. But, with all this usefulness it isn’t easy to get a PET CT scanner in your lab. A center wanting to have a PET CT Scanner needs an approval from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). The cyclotron produces the radionuclides that are needed for this test. These radioactive materials have higher energy than any other materials used for other type of diagnosis.

These centers also need to be certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) to make sure they are maintaining all the technical competence for testing and delivering consistent level of quality services. AERB approved PET CT scan centers in Hyderabad are advised to take safety precautions by following the radiation regulatory requirements. After meeting all the regulatory requirements of Radiation Safety Measures and protocols as per AERB, quality services, infection control and waste management as per ISO and NABL, it also takes the centers to be well equipped with high quality PET CT Scan machines which have a high resolution gamma camera. Most of the centers go for a 16 or 64 Slice (the latest in the market is 64 Slice system) machine with high power image generator.

With all this highly technical machines, it also needs to have well trained medical and technical staff. It is basic necessity of a well qualified and trained Nuclear Medicine Radiologist to have good knowledge about the basic principles of the PET CT Scan technique, including radioprotection concepts and of the problems that may arise due to the radioactive glucose induced to the patient. They also need hands on experience in interpreting the images of PET CT scan.

Apart from the above factors like the model of the equipment used, doctors and technicians, the reports generated also decide the quality of a PET CT Scan center. The information of the best quality PET CT Scan centers in Hyderabad is available at BookmyScans.com.

Which is the cheapest PET CT Scan center in Hyderabad?

The set up cost of PET CT Scan center is around 100 crores. This includes the cost of the technicians, doctors and the facilities. Currently, there are a very few well established hospitals and diagnostic centers that have the approval for PET CT Scanners. The number counted so far is 108 facility centers in the metro cities of India. There are only 21 medical cyclotrons (producer of the cancer imaging PET isotope, fludeoxyglucose (FDG) F-18) in both, the private and public sector supplying the FDG to these 108 PET facility centers.

PET CT Scan has only been in clinical practice from past few years and is picking up expansion rapidly. The combination of PET and CT scan produce metabolic images and this has been proven to be more effective and less time consuming. The fusion of PET and CT scan has resulted in saving 20 to 30 minutes time per patient giving more accurate results than any other diagnosis. All this takes a lot of investment and every investment expects returns. Since all this process and procedures are highly expensive, the PET CT scan cost in Hyderabad also ends up being the most expensive tests.

The cost of full body PET CT scan for cancer in Hyderabad ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 32,000, with an average price being INR 15,000. Some of the well known PET CT scan centers in Hyderabad are partnered with BookmyScans.com. Here you can definitely expect considerable rate of discounts on the standard market cost for the PET CT scan, nearly 70% and assured quality services with accurate results.

How to get PET CT scan Appointments online?

PET CT Scan is a lengthy procedure of diagnosis where the patient usually spends two to three hours at the imaging center. This includes the 60 minutes of resting time before the test and the actual time taken to perform the test. The patient would be required to fast few hours before the test, which is approximately for about 6 hours before the test. All this takes ample amount of time of both, the patients and the doctors. If with all this the patient is required to follow the traditional method of booking an appointment by queuing up and then take the test, it would be very difficult. Anyone will definitely undergo a lot of stress.

In today’s information space provided facilities, you can get a PET CT scan appointment online. There are many diagnostic scan booking service providers who help you with this. One of them is BookmyScans.com. They are partnered with most of the well known scan centers in Hyderabad and provide you information about the high quality scan centers near to your location with considerable discounts. You can compare the price list among the scan centers and choose the best PET CT scan center of your choice.

BookmyScans makes sure that they partner only with centers that are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) Certified and approved by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board). The services for booking an appointment are available round the clock and you can rely on BookmyScans for the best quality results. BookmyScans also audits their partnered scan centers periodically to make sure that they maintain efficient technical competence for testing and deliver consistent level of quality services.  Patients also have an easy access to their reports online.


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