PET CT Scan expanded further, is known as the Positron Emission Tomography – Computed tomography. It is an advanced nuclear imaging technique that combines two radiology processes. The combination of PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) in one single machine is a technique of radiology which helps the physician check information about the structure and function of the internal parts of the body including the cells and the tissues.

The scan is performed using a special solution of Radioactive Glucose which is inserted in the veins of the patient’s body. The cells and the tissues absorb this solution and give a better picture about the functioning of the organs at the cellular level. PET CT scan helps in the diagnosis and treatment of various chronic diseases like cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body.

PET CT Scan Centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan

PET CT Scan in Jaipur

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According to the Health minister of Rajasthan, Rajendra Rathore, “There are 2.5 lakh cancer patients in the state and every year 40,000 new cases are added to existing number of cancer patients.” The data for cancer in the city is very limited, and Jaipur at first place needs a State Cancer Registry/ Hospital-Based Cancer Registries. During a cancer workshop conducted in Jaipur, Dr Rakesh Gupta, global consultant – NCDs Control (Cancer & Tobacco) and former surgical oncologist said, “In order of priority, the government should have State Cancer Registry/ Hospital-Based Cancer Registries, sustainable awareness for warning signs and benefits of quitting tobacco along with use of 104 toll-free service, train healthcare to deliver palliative care services statewide, promote annual physical examination, develop cancer survivors group.”

Hence, to have a better record for the incidence of this deadly disease and provide cancer patients with modern and latest facilities, the state has invested to develop a centre of excellence for cancer treatment, called the State Cancer Institute. Cancer is a disease where 60% of the cases can be prevented and treated if diagnosed early. A PET CT scan in Jaipur will definitely help meet the target Jaipur is struggling to record. A PET CT scan can be used as a tool to screen cancer at early stages at affordable cost in Jaipur.

According to Proposed Cancer Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan – A Detailed Project Report by Tata Trusts, the new cancer cases are estimated to be more than 50,000 every year by 2020, and 40% among them may need radiation therapy.

But how can we diagnose these 50,000 cases every year?

It is possible only if the disease is screened early. Bookmyscans helps you to take up PET CT scan in Jaipur at affordable prices.

Incidence of Cancer in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and one of the largest cities of the state as well. Popularly known as the “pink city”, Jaipur is also well known for its socially rich legacy. The city is a one of most visited tourist destinations in India and is a part of the “golden triangle” which is connected to the other two popular destinations Delhi and Agra. Jaipur faces the epidemiology of many life threatening chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, COPD, strokes, diabetes, kidney and liver diseases and Cancers. The incidence of cancer is wide spread in India in different forms and Jaipur also faces an occurrence of this disease at a greater extent.

  • Only three studies have been published so far in the last decade in regards to Cancer.
  • A total of 4587 whole body malignancy cases were reported (According to a retrospective study on the prevalence of different types cancer conducted by the Department of Oncology, S.M.S Hospital, Jaipur, from 1st August 2013 to 31st July 2014).
  • The previous data from the cancer registry suggests, 34,486 new cancer cases were identified during the period of 2004 – 2008
  • Among which, head and neck cancer (17.96%) had the highest prevalence followed by genitourinary tract cancers (14.55%) and gastrointestinal tract cancers (11.67%).
  • Among the females, cancer of the breast (25.6%) was very common, followed by genitourinary tract cancers (20.27%).

Cancer in Jaipur is said to be prevalent due to different risk factors such as family history, consumption of tobacco and alcohol, change in dietary habits, physical inactivity, pollution and other socioeconomic problems.

Benefits of having a whole body PET CT Scan

PET CT scan is an integral part of radiology today that is widely being used for cancer detection. The technology used in the PET CT scan is a combination of radioactive glucose material and a high resolution gamma camera that captures the structural and the functional data at cellular level. There are several benefits of having a whole body PET CT scan, such as:

  • Helps detect and diagnose life threatening diseases like cancer at early stages.
  • Helps locate the cancer, whether it is static or spread to the other organs.
  • Helps the doctor differentiate between benign and malignant tumors.
  • Helps determine an appropriate treatment, and can check whether the patient is responding to the treatment.
  • Post treatment, depending upon the symptoms, usually helps to find if the cancer has returned.

Apart from cancer, a PET CT scan can also help in early diagnosis of problems associated with heart, brain disorders and the central nervous system.

Cost of PET CT scan in Jaipur

There are high end technological advancements made in the diagnostic industry and PET CT is one among them. The technique of nuclear imaging, PET CT has been picking up pace recently and has been very helpful in diagnosing diseases like cancer easier. Since the set up of this scan is high end and technologically advanced, the cost ends up being high. This procedure is one of expensive imaging scans available and very few can afford this test. The cost of PET CT scan in Jaipur is in the range of INR 18,000 and INR 25,000.

There are only 4 well established cancer hospitals in Jaipur and people need to travel around 4-6 hours of time to avail the cancer services. According to a study by TATA, with the competition analysis of two major hospitals in Jaipur, the OPD volume for the top hospital was 618 per day and the volume for radiation therapy was also high, that is 370 per day. This is because the hospital has free healthcare services. The gap between the demand and supply of healthcare services needs to be addressed and we can do it by making the services affordable to all.

Bookmyscans works in line with this motto and we want people to get access to the best quality diagnostic services at affordable prices. Hence, we offer a full body PET CT scans in Jaipur only at INR 12,000.

Find the best PET CT scan centers in Jaipur

It is always safe to take medical tests and scans from centers that are approved and certified. PET CT scan is safe and should be taken only from the centers that are approved by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board). This is because the radionuclides that are produced by the cyclotron have higher energy than any other materials used for other type of diagnosis. Presently, very few well established hospitals and diagnostic centers have this approval. There are only 21 medical cyclotrons (producer of the cancer imaging PET isotope, fludeoxyglucose (FDG) F-18) in both, the private and public sector, supplying the FDG to the 108 PET facility centers set up in the metro cities of India.

Apart from the requirements of Radiation Safety Measures and protocols as per AERB, the centers also need to be certified by ISO and NABL. This is to make sure the quality of services is maintained and the equipments used are latest. The center also needs to have a qualified Nuclear Medicine Radiologist, who is aware of the basic principles of the PET CT Scan technique, radioprotection concepts, and the problems that may rise due to the radioactive glucose induced to the patient, and has hands on experience in interpreting the images of PET CT scan.

All these facilities and PET CT scan @ INR 12,000 in Jaipur! But how do we get there? Well, Bookmyscans is the answer. We partner only with the centers who meet all these requirements to make sure we deliver the best quality services to the patients. Online appointment booking portals like will help you get information on PET CT scan centers and its cost in Jaipur. You can book your appointments online and at the nearest center at the best affordable price. We audit our partners periodically to make sure they maintain the consistent level of competency and efficient technical competence.

What is PET CT scan?

Cancer is a life threatening disease and is one of the top killer diseases of India. It usually occurs when the cells in the human body grow chaotically. A human body is healthy and functions properly when cells grow, divide and produce more cells as and when necessary. There are instances when the cells keep growing and diving even when it is not needed, these unnecessary mass of extra cells forms a growth or a tumor. These can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are usually not life threatening. They can be removed and in most cases, they don’t return. But malignant tumors are cancerous and can be fatal. Many times when the disease is undetected, the cells may also break away from the current place and spread to the other parts of the body.

PET CT Scanners have been a boon to the medical diagnostic industry in screening cases of cancer. PET CT scan helps the doctors to detect cancer. The radioactive glucose that enters the veins of the body helps the doctors to effectively point out the source of cancer and whether the cancer is isolated to one particular area or has spread to other organs. It has been helpful in managing a wide variety of cancers, especially the solid tumors. PET CT scan also helps the doctors to determine the size of the tumor. Post detection, it is helpful to select the treatments that are appropriate for the patients, monitor whether the treatment is working or not and detect if the cancer has returned.

Follow up PET-CT scans after having completed cancer treatments are advised only if needed.

Do not wait for the disease to knock at you. Book a preventive Full Body PET CT scan today with Bookmyscans for early detection of cancer and other chronic diseases.

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