Cancer! Any type may it be sounds terrible when anyone hears about it. Nobody actually realizes it until it takes a troll over their daily life. It is one of the biggest killer diseases across the globe. It is time we get preventive about this disease and save ourselves from it. PET CT scans can now be used as preventive tests for early screening and detection of cancer. PET CT was medically known as PET- Positron Emission Tomography in combination with Computer Tomography – CT Scan is a form of imaging diagnosis or test that allows the physician to check for diseases in a human body especially cancer.

What is the procedure for a whole body PET CT scan?

A whole body PET CT scan is very beneficial as it can detect and diagnose problems associated with the heart, brain disorders and problems associated with the central nervous system and cancer.

pet-ct scan cost in mumbai

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This advanced technology of nuclear imaging technique is a combination of PET and CT in one single machine.  The scan uses special radioactive material along with glucose that is injected into the veins of the patient. This radioactive material is a solution of radioactive glucose (F -18 FDG fluorodeoxyglucose). The organs absorb this solution and the doctors can have a clear view of the functioning of the tissues and organs under the high-resolution gamma camera of the scanner. A whole body PET CT scans provide information of both, structural and functional details about the organs and the tissues of the body at the cellular and molecular level. The PET CT scan is a non-invasive and painless procedure and takes around 20 – 90 minutes depending on the part of the body being scanned. The patient spends around 2 – 3 hours at the scan center, including the 60 minutes rest time before the scan.

You will be asked to fast at least 6 hours before the scan. Once you reach the center for the scan, you will be injected with the radio glucose solution into the veins and allowed to rest for around 60 minutes until the tissues absorb the solution.

The PET CT scanner is an “O” shaped machine attached to a table. You will be asked to lie down on the table which slides into the scanner. PET CT scans can diagnose many health problems but play a vital role in early diagnosis of cancer. The cancerous cells absorb glucose at a higher level; hence they get highlighted under the scanner. The doctor can then detect the damaged or cancerous cells and determine the size and grade of the tumor. Depending on the results of the scans, the doctors can decide on the appropriate treatment. The doctor may advise for a more number of sessions to have a check on how you are responding to the treatment and whether the treatment is working or not. Depending on the symptoms the scan may be repeated post-treatment as well.

Cancer in Mumbai

Cancer cases are one of the worst of the illness across the globe. The cases have seen a rise of 2% – 3% every year, data from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) suggests. Around 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year in India and approximately 7 lakh die.

Mumbai is home for one of the best cancer hospitals but the city faces devastating cases of cancer as well. Mumbai, the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India is heavily populated with 21.3 million people. Mumbai floats with migrants from all over India for its pool of employment opportunities. The city is well known for its slums and is also burdened with many diseases, cancer being one among the top killers of the city. Mumbai Cancer Registry was established in June 1963 as a Unit with the aim of acquiring consistent incidence & mortality on cancer from a specifically defined urban population. According to the update from Mumbai Cancer registry, the incidence of cancer in the city has not seen any exponential rise. An analysis of data collated from 137 centers by the registry showed that the lifetime risk of developing cancer in the city has remained static at eight per population of one lakh (2014 analysis).

Dr. Rajesh Dikshit, head of the epidemiology department of Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel says, “The incidence of cancer has barely changed in India. The population has gone up, resulting in the number of patients increasing accordingly”. But the incidence of cancer still remains. Cervical cancer stood at 21.4% in 1964 when the Mumbai Cancer Registry was established. But today, breast cancer tops the chart. In men, lung and mouth cancers continue to be on the top. Dr. Vinay Deshmane, medical director, Mumbai Cancer Registry quotes the incidence as, “Cancers of the gastrointestinal tract are the most common with an incidence of 22.5%, followed by head and neck cancers at 17%. Smoked and spicy food, caffeine, and low roughage diet have been linked to gastrointestinal tract cancers. Esophagus and stomach cancers have reduced while hepatobiliary pancreatic, colon and rectum cancers have risen. Colorectal cancers have seen a rise owing to increased intake of alcohol, saturated fats, and calories.”

Is detecting cancer in Mumbai difficult?

The quality of the scan centers differ across regions and also vary from public to private institutions. Mumbai has one of the best public healthcare infrastructures, but yet falls short in providing healthcare facilities to all the citizens of Mumbai. Even though Mumbai has the best cancer hospitals, when it comes to timely diagnosis and treatment, other cities fare better than this city. A multi-city survey was conducted with 600 cancer patients last year.

64% of the respondents said they were diagnosed with the disease after the second stage or even later. This is because the General Practioner they visited failed to recognize the early symptoms of the diseases and it took 2-5 visits to proceed to diagnostic tests. The delay in diagnosis and commencement of treatment was common in all metros but in Mumbai, patients had to wait for 6 months for a confirmed diagnosis of the disease. Poor access to oncologists, poor quality scan centers and lack of standardization of care were few other reasons for delay in cancer detection.

With all these problems Mumbai faces, finding the right scan center becomes difficult and getting a quality PET CT scan at the right time becomes even more important.

How can I find the best PET CT scan center in Mumbai?

PET CT scan is a part of nuclear medicine. To get permission to install a PET CT Scanner in the radiology department takes a lot of efforts, approvals, certifications and money. The radioactive solution used to perform the scan is produced by very few cyclotrons stationed in India and these radionuclides produced are very high in energy. The center needs to meet a set of regulatory requirements and take radiation safety precautions that all the centers approved by AERB need to follow such as:

  • Approvals from the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB)
  • Certifications from ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories)
  • The technical configuration of the scanner (16 to 64 slices)
  • The thickness of the wall where the machine is stationed
  • The qualification of a full time radiologist and technicians in the center.
  • A full-time experienced radiologist

The quality of the scan center is also decided on the quality of the reports produced. Hence, factors like the technical competence, high quality machines and experienced radiologists, the centers can generate quality reports and these factors also help in deciding the quality of a scan center. You can find the best quality scan centers in Mumbai at, the best online guide that can help you find the best PET CT scan centers in Mumbai, nearest to you and at best affordable prices.

Does a PET CT scan for cancer have any side effects?

Should you worry about the side effects of a PET CT scan?


PET CT scan is a non-invasive painless procedure. There is only a small amount of nuclear/radioactive material used to inject as a tracer during the scan and minimal amount of exposure to the radiations. Although the risk of getting a PET CT scan is relatively low, there are a few precautions you will have to take.

  • PET CT scan is not advisable for pregnant ladies. It is not considered safe for developing fetus. The scan cannot be taken even if the patient is breast-feeding.
  • It is also harmful for the patients with kidney disease and who have high level of creatinine in their body.
  • There is a possibility that a patient can have an allergic reaction to the solution injected
  • General risk includes the discomfort caused if the patient is claustrophobic

Apart from these PET CT scan is a very beneficial way to test for cancer and helps in early detection and diagnosis of the diseases.

PET CT scan cost in Mumbai

Dealing with healthcare expenses today is a huge challenge. The cost of the diagnosis and treatment of this painful disease is so high that people opt to live with it and for many who want to live, this has forced them to sell their homes. Only a small fraction of Indians have health insurance and those who do rarely have critical illness cover. In India, treatment with chemotherapy and hormonal drug therapy can cost anything between INR 10,000 to INR 4 lakhs. If the disease is in an advanced stage, it may also go upto 10 lakhs. The cost also depends on the drugs used and duration of the treatment.

The Cost of PET CT scan in Mumbai varies on the institution you choose to get your test done and get your treatment started. There are few specialist PET labs that charge lesser than the hospitals in Mumbai. The cost of a whole body PET CT scan for cancer in Mumbai INR 11,000.

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