PET CT Scan is an advanced nuclear imaging technique that combines two radiology processes; one is the PET (positron emission tomography) and other is CT (computed tomography) in one single machine. This test of imaging in radiology helps the doctors check information about the structure and function of the internal parts of the body including the cells and the tissues.

As a part of nuclear medicine, the scan is performed using a special solution of Radioactive Glucose produced by the cyclotron. This radioactive isotope is either inserted in the veins of the patient’s body, or given through oral or through the rectum depending upon the need of the PET CT scan. The cells and the tissues absorb this solution to give a better picture about the functioning of the same. PET CT scan helps in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases like cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body. It is very important to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or allergic to any elements of the radioactive isotope.


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Healthcare in Bangalore

Bangalore officially known as Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka state and comprises a population of approximate 11.5 million (2016) people. It is India’s booming IT industry and is the third most populous city of India. Bangalore is called the “silicon city of India” and it houses more than 200 software organizations in its heart and attracts people from all over the world for different reasons like employment opportunities, luxury and shopping and medical tourism. The city has 89% of the educated population and around 10% of Bangalore’s population lives in slums. Because of vanishing gardens and more and more appearance of bars, Bangalore once known as the Garden City has presently turned into the Pub Capital of India. Bangalore additionally records most astounding number of cigarette smokers in India.

Bangalore’s health sector is also said to have the best medical practitioners, state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologically advanced equipment. Bangalore has a mix of healthcare facilities provided by the public and the private healthcare providers. Bangalore faces the same problem of shortage of doctors and facilities, and the problem of long waiting hours at the hospitals. Even if Bangalore’s healthcare facilities are on a par with global standards it still stands second to cities like Chennai and Mumbai. Healthcare facilities at private hospitals are priced four times than that at the public hospitals. Being the IT hub, over the last 20 years, Bangalore’s healthcare facility has seen tremendous growth, technically and even the reach of the services has only turned better. Bangalore has the acclaim of performing the highest number of cardiac surgeries among which 30% are pediatric cardiac surgeries. As medical tourism is gaining importance, the city has been attracting patients from all over the world.

PET CT Scan in Cancer Diagnosis

What is Cancer? One of the atrocious diseases anybody can have. A body is considered to be healthy and functioning properly if the cells in the body grow and divide only when it is necessary. But when the cells grow uncontrollably and chaotically, they form masses or lumps called tumors that harm the body. These tumors usually grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous and circulatory system. They release certain hormones that alter the functioning of the body. These tumors can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are not cancerous and life threatening and can be removed and usually don’t return. Malignant tumors are dangerous. They manage to detach from the current location to spread over other parts of the body and disturb the functioning of that part too and destroying all the healthy tissues.

Cancer is one of the major causes of death in India, and is the number one in the list of chronic and life threatening diseases. Cancer is a cell level disease. With the high end technology picking up pace in the healthcare industry we are able to detect cancer like life threatening diseases at an early stage. PET CT Scan, a combination of Positron Emission Tomography (PET – Functional study) and Computed Tomography (CT – structural study), is a new and advanced imaging technique of radiology which has helped save millions of life. These machines were commercially introduced in 2002, but have gained popularity recently. This scan uses a solution of radioactive glucose (F -18 FDG fluorodeoxyglucose) that is inserted in the veins of the patients. When the cells absorb this solution they can be easily traced under the PET CT scanner using high resolution gamma rays. This helps the doctors detect cancer/tumor, its size and its location too. This is also a tool used to plan the treatment strategy, progress of the treatment and if the cancer has returned.

Risks and Benefits of PET CT scan

Every high end imaging tests that use radiations comes with a set of its own pros and cons. PET CT scans have its list of benefits and risks. Let us have a look at the benefits first,

  • Helps detect and diagnose life threatening diseases like cancer, heart problems, brain disorders and problems associated with central nervous system.
  • Helps the doctor differentiate between benign and malignant tumors.
  • Helps locate the cancer, its size and stage

Helps detect if cancer is static or spread to the other organs.

  • Helps in planning the treatment strategy and observe the progress of the treatment
  • Helps in checking whether the patient is responding to the treatment.
  • Post treatment helps to find if the cancer has returned.
  • Other than cancer it also helps in diagnosis of chronic diseases like coronary artery disease, brain tumors, memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and seizures

PET CT scan uses radioactive material, but it is said to have minimal exposure to radiations. This PET CT scan is associated with few risks too, such as:

  • The PET CT scan centers in bangalore need approvals and certifications to have these scanners stationed at their centers. If they do not meet the required regulations, they might have harmful effects on the patients, doctors and technicians including the public in the building.
  • If the scan is taken up without any good reason, it may lead to stress and anxiety leading to wrong diagnosis, unnecessary added tests and false health alarms.
  • Multiple PET CT scans can definitely expose a patient to high level of radiation. This it-self leads to cancer.
  • You cannot take a PET CT scan if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  • Patients with high level of creatinine in their body and kidney diseases cannot have this scan either.
  • A patient can have an allergic reaction to the solution injected
  • Few patients may be claustrophobic and face some discomfort during and after the scan which happens rarely.

Quality vs Cost of PET CT scan in Bangalore

The standards of the healthcare facilities may vary across providers, especially from private to public hospitals, although there is no shortage of healthcare facilities in Bangalore.  Bangalore provides healthcare facilities at public hospitals called PHCs, the Private hospitals are well known for their best provided patient services and technologically competent equipments. There are many private super specialty hospitals that are approved by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) and certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). Most of these hospitals have labs and diagnostic centers attached to the other hospital facilities as a part of nuclear radiology medicine department for X-rays, CT, MRI and PET CT scans. There are more than 220 diagnostic centers and labs (including public and private) in Bangalore that offers these scans as well. The scan centers are equipped with the best in class 16 to 64 slices CT scanners and provide quality patient services. But the problem is that approximately only 60% are AERB approved and ISO and NABL certified. They also provide services at par to the other standardized hospitals and labs, but certified and approved centers are always a safer bet and are the best to choose.

Getting a PET CT scanner installed in the radiology department of a center is easier said than done. It needs approvals, certifications and lot of money. The radionuclides that are produced by the cyclotron are higher in energy compared to the materials used for other type of diagnosis. There are a certain set of regulatory requirements and radiation safety precautions that all the PET Scan centers in bangalore approved by AERB need to follow such as the technical configuration of the scanner (16 to 64 slices), the thickness of the wall where the machine is stationed and the qualification of a full time radiologist and technicians in the center. Not all radiologists can read the images produced with the PET CT scanners, it takes experience. With technical competence, the centers can generate quality reports too. These are the factors that decide the quality of the scan center.

Since it takes a lot to set up these scan centers, these scans end up being very expensive and unaffordable by many patients. People these days prefer quality over cost for any service they are looking for. The cost of a whole body PET CT scan in Bangalore may cost anything between INR 15,000 to INR 35,000. Any single part PET CT scan may range between INR 15,000 to INR 25,000. Few centers charge too much and few much lesser than expected. The variance in the cost is unknown.

 Avail 80% discount on PET CT scans in Bangalore

Disease management and surveillance has become an alarming issue to be taken care of. The Bangalore healthcare providers are working towards providing good and affordable healthcare to all. Early detection of Cancer can save many lives. Like any other metros, PET CT Scan in Bangalore is also expensive and time consuming. It is a procedure where a patient usually spends two to three hours at the diagnostic center to get the PET CT scan completed.

Technology and digitalization are shaping the future of the healthcare industry in Bangalore. Most of the population is working middle class and cannot afford these highly expensive radiology tests. People either end up in debts or opting not to have these PET scans done. There are several online guides that offer lower prices for PET CT scan in Bangalore one of which is BookmyScans. Here is to why you should choose BookmyScans:

  • User friendly and accessible to everyone who is looking for radiology imaging services
  • Finds a quality PET scan center near you at the choice of your location
  • Co-ordinates with multiple patients at one time allowing them to book their appointments online with ease.
  • Reduces no shows by almost 90% by sending reminders through SMS and emails
  • Tracks the patients records and generates reports online reducing the paper work
  • Works 365 days 24/7 to provide assistance to the patients conveniently
  • Reduces waiting time and increases the patient inflow in the PET scan center, hence more number of patients can meet their medical needs.
  • Allows the patients to download reports from online.
  • Lastly, provides assured 80% discount on PET CT scans in Bangalore

BookmyScans is spread over six major metro cities of India providing services to 10,000+ people and helping them save time and money effortlessly, almost more than 1.2 Crores. So don’t wait, just book your appointments with BookmyScans and save 80% on the cost.


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