A lens clouding inside the eye is indicated by a cataract. It causes sight deterioration. A cataract is the most prevalent among the elderly and develops with the moment. This problem cannot be resolved by means of lenses or eyeglasses, only Cataract Surgery is the Best Treatment Option.

What Is Cataract Surgery?

A cataract operation is to remove the lens from the cloudy vision. It is then substituted by an artificial lens, or IOL, in brief, to give a clear sight.

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When do you require?

If you face double vision, look at light colors as blurred, find a hazy sight, experience light irritability, face a poor view, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and cataracts stop your everyday job, in that case, you make an ideal candidate for cataract surgery.

Who performs it?

An eye surgeon is a physician specializing in the diagnosis and therapy of eye diseases. An ophthalmologist has the expertise and preparation to diagnose a cataract, assist you to create a choice about the need for surgery, and can conduct the surgery, including pre-operative and post-operative treatment.

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How it is performed?

In the first steps, the doctor gives your pupil drops to dilate, and the area around the eye is properly cleansed. The physician then inserts anesthesia into the eye’s tissue. Eyelid carriers are placed so that your eyelids are wide open and you do not blink. The Phacoemulsification and extra capsulation are two methods for separating a cataract from your eyes.

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Cataract surgery is done in three ways. All the techniques depend on the level of damage that required this surgery. The ways are:

  • Phacoemulsification:- requires cutting the cataract into little pieces utilizing ultrasound before the fragments are absorbed out from a thin tube. The same cut is used to implant a replacement lens.
  • Extracapsular Cataract Surgery:- This method is used when cataracts cannot be cut down using Phacoemulsification and are at a difficult level. It is conducted giving local anesthesia. The doctors give oral sedatives to relax their patients. The doctor makes a small cut in the eye to remove the faulty lens.
  • Intracapsular Cataract Surgery:-This kind of surgery requires creating a large cut compared to the two ways mentioned above.

 Perks are drawn post-surgery

The perks which are drawn post the procedure includes catches for softer mental health, minimize the risk of falls and cuts, license for increased freedom, grow in confidence, hobby activity, and easy social enjoyment.

Side-Effects of Cataract Surgery

You might feel a fuzzy view, there might be issues sensitive to loud light after the cataract surgery, on-off inflammation or pain, itchy sensation around eyes or swelling and a little stickiness. These consequences are quite ordinary. In a few days, the healing process begins when the eye begins to cure. All of these difficulties are rare but can add to important vision decline. So, it is important to go for routine follow-up after operation. It might take a few days to settle down. Doctors will recommend drops or glasses as per the condition.

Cost in India

The Cataract Surgery costs in India fluctuate from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 70,000 for each eye. Bookmyscans endeavors to offer a reliable and affordable Cataract Surgery package. Skim through Bookmyscans to pick your finest package.


Post-surgery measures include, not going out for a few days owing to fuzzy images for the first few days, cycling should be prevented unless the person is convinced of clear sight, preventing squeezing your eyes after the surgery, use eye locks to shield the faces while bathing. For a few days, you need to avoid taking a warm bath and any intensive workouts.

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