Knee replacement, also recognized as knee arthroplasty, is a corrective manner to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to master pain and inability. The surgeon will cast out your harmed thighbone, shinbone and kneecap and interchange it with an artificial joint, consisting of metal components, high-quality plastics, and polymers. The parts combine to form a (compatible) synthetic joint, which simulates the natural knee motion. Knee replacement implants are neither one-size that will fit all nor one-style that will be equivalent for everyone.

There are different kinds of knee replacement surgeries which differ based on the purpose, design, fixation, and materials. The different kinds may comprise of a fixed or mobile bearing implant, a PCL retaining design or a PCL substituting style, a bone cement fixation or it could be an implant with a cementless fixation. Ultimately, your surgeon can choose the implant based on your physical condition, your age, and lifestyle, the experience and level of familiarity and confidence with a piece of particular equipment.

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery


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This is a common prevalent method. Your doctor replaces the surfaces of the thigh & shin bones that join to the knee. This procedure is meant to replace the harmed non-functional knee joint with artificial material. Though the overall designs of the total knee implants differ, there are three major components: femoral, tibial and patellar, as mentioned below.

  • In general, the femoral element is produced of metal and it curves at the end of the femur (your thigh bone), which allows the patella (kneecap) moving down and up as the knee arches and straightens. The femoral element is composed of steel.
  • The tibial part is a platform of metal with an insert or spacer of polyethylene. The composition of this element differs, depending on the type of operation conducted.
  • The patellar implant is a polyethylene cup-shaped element that resembles the kneecap. This kind of implant is used to reinstate some of the knees, but not every other knee.

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A partial replacement of the knee for certain people with knee arthritis is an option to complete replacement of the Knee. This procedure can be performed if the damage is held in a certain knee section. This procedure may be a chance if arthritis impacts only one side of the knee. However, if you have powerful knee ligaments, this is only correct for you. Partial knee substitution can be done with a smaller cut than is required for the total knee substitution. This kind of knee replacement was quite popular in the past and was mostly suggested for older people. Nowadays, this type can be suggested for younger generations as well. This procedure does not involve a lot of pain and post-surgery, the recovery happens faster.

This procedure is not very painful and post-surgery, the recovery takes place quicker. Most of the patients prefer this kind of procedure over the total replacement surgery. In comparison to total replacement surgery, partial knee replacement procedure improves the way the knee and muscles are maintained healthy by a multitude of motion and knee functions. The best thing about this type is that blood loss during the procedure is also reduced and knee movement recovers quicker.

 Knee-cap Replacement Surgery

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The knee-cap replacement surgery replaces only to the bottom of the knee-cap. Most of the surgeons do not recommend this kind of procedure. They recommend the total knee replacement procedure instead as it is successful at a greater pace.  Unlike total replacement procedure of the knee which follows replacing all three knee parts (femur, tibia, and patella) by a prosthesis, the knee-cap replacement procedure (replacement of the patellofemoral articulation) is a less invasive method that requires resurrecting the back of the cap and the front of your thighbone. Your surgeon will produce a layer at the bottom of the bone and the groove at the end of the thigh bone to support the artificial joint during the surgery for a kneecap replacement (patellofemoral knee replacement).

Similar to a total knee replacement surgery, in this knee-cap replacement procedure, the implanted joint is kept in its position with the help of bone cement. The most important aspect of the procedure is ensuring that the kneecap is regularly sliding up and down into the groove on the top of your thigh. For a few weeks post the procedure, you might need the support of a person or a walker. But the recovery period is much quicker than what is required after you get a total knee replacement procedure.

Complex or Revision Knee Replacement

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If you have very severe arthritis or have had more than one knee replacement surgery already, this kind of procedure might be required. There are times when your old procedures due to bone or tissue scars or instability make it difficult to sustain the procedures. In such a case, a pre-surgery over the previously conducted ones can be a completely daunting task. Moreover, a revision knee replacement comes into the picture. It is executed to reinstate a knee implant that is no longer working correctly.

A series of trials and medical imaging studies are carried out by your surgeon to assess the magnitude of your prosthetic joint failure. Once your surgeon knows precisely what the difficulty is, a personalized remedy plan will be generated. Since revision surgery requires a prosthetic implant to be removed and the region to be cleaned in preparing for a fresh implant, the procedure may take longer than your previous joint replacement surgery.


Choosing the right kind of surgery will be an important choice, and eventually an informed decision between you, your surgeon, your family, and your physician. While most people are quite satisfied with their current knees, there may be certain complexities. Before you make a choice, you must be keenly aware of your knee problem and the kind of treatment which would be effective. It is best to wait until you are certain that this is the procedure for you if you are doubtful.

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