The scans/tests booked through are cancellable within 7 working days from the date of booking.

In case the patient/user is unable to reach the ‘service provider’* for some reason at the fixed or allotted time slot for more than 60 minutes will be considered as ‘No Show’ and in case of no show at the ‘service provider’* at the allotted time and date, the coupon will not be valid and no refund will be applicable.

In case of any inconvenience caused or any reason when the patient/user is not able to take up the ‘healthcare service’* at the scheduled appointment, the patient/user can re-schedule the appointment 1 day, which is 24 hours prior to the fixed date of the appointment for any other date within the next 7 days. Last minute cancellations will not be approved. The mentioned time frame holds good for cancellation of appointments as well, failing which the company will not be liable to refund the full amount paid if the cancellation is made later than the approved time. A part of the payment will be restrained with the company.

The payments will be refunded within 15 working days from the date of cancellation. We request you to please keep patience and follow up with the company only in case the refund has not taken place within 15 days from the cancellation date. The transaction charges and taxes may not be refunded.

For more details of the cancellation and refund policy, please contact our executives through or the details available at ‘Contact Us’.

  • ‘Service provider’* - the diagnostic/scan center, hospital or sample collection facilitator
  • ‘Healthcare service’* - test, scans or surgery