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CT Scan Price List in Chennai

Scan Name Prices
CT Head ScanRs.1999
CT Single HandRs.1999
CT Chest ScanRs.1999
CT Single Leg ScanRs.1999
CT Ls Spine ScanRs.1999
CT Lumbar SpineRs.1999
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.1999
CT Nose ScanRs.1999
CT Brain ScanRs.1999
CT Neck ScanRs.1999
CT Anus ScanRs.1999
CT Orbits ScanRs.1999
Scan Name Prices
CT Knee ScanRs.1999
CT Foot ScanRs.1999
CT Fingers ScanRs.1999
CT Shoulder ScanRs.1999
CT Ankle Joint ScanRs.1999
CT PNS ScanRs.1999
CT Wrist ScanRs.1999
CT Temporal Bone ScansRs.1999
CT Pelvis ScanRs.1999
CT Abdomen ScanRs.3000
CT Abdomen and pelvis ScanRs.3800
CT Contrast ScanRs.1000 - 1500
CT ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000

CT Scan in Chennai

There are many reputed CT scan centers in Chennai, but to find the best CT Scan center in Chennai is task. The quality of a CT scan center in Chennai depends on varied factors like, the quality of the CT scan machines, location of the CT scan center, experience of radiologists appointed in such CT scan centers and cost of the CT scan as well.

An experienced radiologist may also suggest you undergo a CT scan in 16 slices and higher machines, as higher the slices, higher the clarity of the scan pictures and additionally it's safe for your health. As older scan machines could have higher X-ray radiations.

There are many CT scan centers in Chennai, but with Bookmyscans you can find the best quality scan center nearest to you. You can book your appointment prior, and not only save on the waiting time at the center but also pay 50-60% lesser compared to the actual cost of CT scan in Chennai.

The cost of the CT scan of head, any single part of the body like hand, chest, leg, Ls/Lr Spine, CT scan of the brain, PNS (without contrast) will be charged at Rs. 1,999 only. The cost for CT scan of the abdomen is INR 2,999 as it comprises of 2 or 3 tests put together. The above CT scan prices in Chennai will be applicable for the CT scan centers in Chennai only.

The aim of Bookmyscans is to provide best quality healthcare services at affordable prices. We assure you in providing the precise CT scan cost in Chennai at the most effective discounted rates and helps you to book CT scan in the city at prime quality CT scan centers. We partner only with center that are approved by NABL to ensure all the quality parameters are met and to deliver the best quality and accurate reports.

The cost of CT scan in Chennai depends on which part of the body is being scanned. A standard CT scan in Chennai at any reputed scan Centre will cost you around Rs.3500 - Rs.9000. If you wish to book a cheapest CT scan for yourself in Chennai, the best platform is Bookmyscans. We have CT scan cost in Chennai at INR 1,999 (without contrast). CT scans with contrast will be charged INR 1000 more than the base price.