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MRI Scan Price List in Chennai

Scan Name Prices
MRI Head ScanRs.3150
MRI Single HandRs.3150
MRI Chest ScanRs.3150
MRI Single Leg ScanRs.3150
MRI Ls Spine ScanRs.3150
MRI Lumbar SpineRs.3150
MRI Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.3150
MRI Nose ScanRs.3150
MRI Brain ScanRs.3150
MRI Neck ScanRs.3150
MRI Anus ScanRs.3150
MRI Orbits ScanRs.3150
MRI Knee ScanRs.3150
MRI Foot ScanRs.3150
MRI Fingers ScanRs.3150
MRI Shoulder ScanRs.3150
Scan Name Prices
MRI Ankle Joint ScanRs.3150
MRI PNS ScanRs.3150
MRI Wrist ScanRs.3150
MRI Temporal Bone ScansRs.3150
MRI Pelvis ScanRs.3150
MRI Abdomen ScanRs.3500
MRI Whole Spine ScanRs.5700
MRI Contrast ScanRs.1500
MRI ScreeningRs.1500 - 2000
MRI Whole Spine ScreeningRs.5000
MRI Brain Epilepsy ScanRs.6500
MRI Pulmonary Angio ScanRs.6000
MRI Brain Angio ScanRs.9500
MRI Coronary Angio ScanRs.7000
MRI + MRA + MRV ScanRs.10,000

Lowest cost for MRI Scan in Chennai

We know that you are very curious to know the exact reason behind the increased scan cost of MRI scan in Chennai. There is an association named IRA (Indian radiological and imaging association) for every city, they are fixing the exact MRI scan cost in each scan centre. All the IRA members will be following a standard MRI scan price in Chennai. According to media reports, there are some scan centres which are not following standard MRI price and they are being monitored by IRA, for which relevant action will be taken.

MRI scan price in Chennai is fixed based on the MRI scan equipment used by the MRI scan centres. Quality of MRI scan equipments is calculated with the metrics named Tesla. Older MRI scan machines might be too noisy which is difficult for a patient while undergoing the scan procedure and also result in inaccurate reports. According to radiologists, if a MRI scan machine is 1.5 Tesla & above, the quality of scan reports will be good as well as it won’t affect patient’s health. MRI scan cost in Chennai is also decided based on the scan centre’s prime location as well as the radiologists working with them.

The quality of an MRI scan centre in Chennai depends on the MRI scan equipment they use, experience of the radiologist who interprets your scan reports and yes, the customer satisfaction. We, at BookMyScans will not tie up with all the MRI scan centres in Chennai; instead we focus on the quality provided by the scan centres based on the above factors and whoever is offering the lowest cost for the patients.

We understand the pain of a common man in Chennai who will not able to spend his entire monthly salary for a single MRI scan. We can’t assure when we are prone to lifestyle diseases and when we are in a need of diagnostic scans to identify the health issue. To overcome such needs of a common man, our partnered MRI scan centres in Chennai are offering scans at lowest cost. At Bookmyscans, MRI scan in Chennai will cost you just Rs.3150. This price will be applicable for any single part MRI scans such as MRI head scan, MRI abdomen scan, MRI abdomen with pelvis scan, MRI single hand scan, MRI chest scan, MRI single leg scan, MRI ls spine scan, MRI lr spine scan, MRI lumbar spine scan, MRI lumbo sacral spine scan, MRI nose scan, MRI PNS scan, MRI brain scan, MRI neck scan, MRI anus scan, MRI orbits scan, MRI knee scan, MRI foot scan, MRI ankle joint, MRI fingers scan, MRI shoulder scan, MRI wrist scan, MRI temporal bone scan etc.

More than 6000+ people already benefited by booking their MRI scan in Chennai through BookMyscans. Most of the physicians appreciated our service and started recommending to the public because of the high quality reports provided by our partnered MRI scan centres in Chennai.