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Vitamin Test Cost in Chennai

We must all know that Vitamins are the most essential nutrients of the human body which is needed for the growth and the development of the mind and body. According to a research done recently, it has been noted that almost 75% of Indians are set to vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is said to be the most vital factor for healthy bones they also play a critical role in the functioning of the brain and the immune factor. A test for vitamin D will help and find out the Vitamin deficiency and the factor that would lead to the risk of getting a disease like diabetes, cardiovascular problems and also heart diseases.

A vitamin test stats the factors more clearly than a normal blood test, if there are symptoms like muscle ache, facing depressions, obesity problems, or sometimes even skin darkening, then the vitamin D test should be taken so as to give a better clarity on the abortions of the vitamins for calcium levels. In India, many people are suffering from the lack of sunlight or non-exposure to which is resulting in causing vitamin D deficiency. Doctors recommend that in a day people need to make it mandatory to have at least 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight to help in reversing vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin test is one of the most sought-after tests by our customers this is because Bookmyscans can assure you the best quality by partnering with pioneers and reputed diagnostic centers and hospitals in Chennai. At Bookmyscans we are facilitating a discount of 50 to 60% on vitamin b12 test price in Chennai.

If the results of the vitamin test after completion shows that there is an excess of vitamin D then, it is most likely due to talking too much vitamin pills or other supplements. There is also a major problem with if there is too much vitamin D which can cause damage to your organs and then even to your blood vessels.

Check below to know the cost of vitamin d test in Chennai and also vitamin test cost Chennai.

These respective packages costs include:

  • MMO (Make Me OK) which costs Rs. 620/-
  • MMS (Make me Strong) which costs Rs.800/-

At Bookmyscans we can ensure and assure you to get the results of the vitamin tests which is B12 and vitamin D in the time frame of 24-48 hours.