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COVID-19 Antibody Test
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Let’s hear from a Doctor :

“COVID19 Antibody test is a quicker and accurate test to let us know whether our body is exposed to Covid19 virus and if your Immune system has started producing antibodies to fight the virus.”

Parameters COVID19 Antibody Test COVID19 RTPCR Test
Samples Sample will be taken only from blood. Samples will be taken from Nose & Throat. Could be uncomfortable.
Detection Method It detects the antibody (IgG) levels in the body produced by body’s immune system when exposed to virus. It detects the presence of virus in the genetic materials (RNA).
Results Within 24 hours Within 48 hours
Accuracy It can detect the antibodies with 99.81% specificity It can detect viruses with most accuracy.
Cost Rs. 700/- Rs. 1600/-

Expert Review

Trusted reports from ICMR approved labs using ICMR approved testing kits.

Hassle-free Service

Hassle-free booking with free home collection. Get notified at each and every step

Free Blood Sample Collection

Once appointment is booked our Health executives will collect blood sample from your home

Accurate Report

The speicificity of our antibody tests are 97-99.81%, highest in today’s market standards.

Automated Labs

Blood samples are tested in fully automated ICMR approved lab with ICMR approved antibody testing kits to provide highly accurate reports.

5k+ Tests Completed

We have successfully completed 5000+ antibody tests across India.

COVID-19 Antibody Test just at Rs. 700

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